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Roxaan is plagued by a dream that has been happening every night since her twin sister went missing on their fifth birthday party. she finds out a lot more about her life in due time, after everything settles a mysterious twist comes out of nowhere. will she ever find out where her sister is or who she really is?


12. the dating game

I walked off stage and purposefully walked off the opposite side to all my siblings to avoid the crowds of people and getting a head start at going around the fair with Greyson before the boys decided whose shift it was to look after us first.

“Hey you” he said with a huge smile on his face embracing me in a huge hug that felt warm and safe. “how you been?” he asked still hugging and refusing to let me go.
“I have been good thanks and you” I said as he slowly let me, leaving me yearning for him even more than I thought I would. He was wearing black denim jeans and a faded My Chemical Romance shirt with his All-stars.
“To be completely forward kind of excited to see you again.” He said shyly while looking at the floor. He wasn’t the typical view of cute to most girls but seeing him here embarrassed and shy made him adorable in that I have a soft side- rebel thing that I go gaga over.
“You are too sweet…”I said trailing off looking over his shoulder and seeing my brothers abandoning the idea of shifts and just going as one big obvious group. “Uhh…come here” I said and dragged him in a group of people so they would lose us.
“Why may I ask and where are we going?” he said kind of liking the mystery but also worried about what is going to happen. We then made it t the food stalls with millions of people so they would lose us for a little while.
“Well my brothers decided to stalk us on our umm…”
“Our date”, He said plainly and flashed a bad boy smile and winked at me.
“Is that what this is now?” I said in an innocent voice I could muster.
“Only if you want it to be…” he said and slowly coming closer to me getting a piece of hair out of my face. “I would.” And he grabbed my hand where we were standing.
“Sure.” I said returning the favour by squeezing his hand back. “So what do you have planned for tonight?”
“Well I was hoping to get to know you better, but know I want two things…” he said in a sly voice that worked so well for him.
“I’m not that kind of girl” I said in an attempt to be corny.
He looked at me and laughed with a little embarrassed look on his face, “whoa didn’t mean that. I meant that we could spend our day messing with your brothers.” He said with a look that he didn’t want me to kill him sort of face.
“How do you suppose we do this?”
“Hide in the maze gets them lost so we can have some privacy to talk and such.”
“Sounds like a plan.” I said I said almost ravishing in the fact of getting my brothers stuck in the maze.

So that’s what we did, we got all of the boys stuck in the maze and walked around the fair playing games winning prizes and talking for hours until it was time to pack up and go. The boys resurfaced and looked kind of miff but soon got over it as they all left the maze laughing and almost seeming as they hadn’t seen people in years.
After talking with my parents and the boys he still wanted to take me to coffee and i5t was a Saturday night I had a curfew of 10:15 at the late-est and it was only 8:45.

He ushered me to his matt black Jeep, and immediately put My chemical romance on softly in the background until teenagers started playing and I couldn’t help myself but to start singing out as loud as I could. Greyson then looked at me laughing and joined in. we got a few strange looks but we didn’t care, I loved this.

As we got to his house I noticed it was a dark grey and white ultramodern design. All the houses here are a very Victorian style which works for the town but was again kind of strange. His front door was made of glass and he hid the key in the flower pot next to the door.

“It’s not this town’s normal house but I love that it makes us different.” He said looking at me with a slight smile.
“No it’s beautiful.” I said still admiring the house.
“Do you want to come inside” he motioned a paving the way motions.
I giggled my way inside and made my way to the kitchen. The bottom floor of the house was an open floor plan and was black white and dark red. The house was full of bold walls of colour and then intricate patterns.
The kitchen was next to the dining room and lounge and everything was spotless except for a couple of dirty dishes that was thrown in the sink.
“So I have coffee or tea or I can make you something else if you want.” He said leading my attention to a little coffee station that was on its own in the corner.
“Oh. I uhh… really don’t mind” I said slightly tripping on my foot.
He took my hand and led me to the dining r0om table, and said while laughing “maybe you should sit. I do make a mean Latte”
I sat and said, “I haven’t had one before that would be nice.” and as soon as I said it he looked at me with a confused look, and I added “well as an orphan in south Africa I didn’t have a lot of opportunities to get lattes with my besties. In fact I didn’t have many friends.”
“A pretty girl like you I don’t believe that for a second.” He said to me and squeezed my hand while turning and shook his head “You a loner never.”
“Don’t think too fast you haven’t known me for that long.”
“Why would you think that though…” he said fiddling with coffee jars and a lot of stuff I didn’t understand.
“I guess people say that they want to help you and that they would be there but when it actually comes to helping you they don’t want anything to do with you unless there is other people around to witness their heroic act.” I said in a flat tone looking at a spot in the table then lowering my eyes when he looked at me with concern.

He took my hand and kneeled on the floor to meet my gaze and tearful eyes. “I will not let that happen to you…” and he took my face in his hand and I saw genuine concern… I haven’t seen that in a while. “…I promise you that I won’t let anyone hurt you at all as long as I’m here.” It was now that I couldn’t help myself but cry he took me in his embrace I was craving since we said hello. In his arm I felt safe, warm and protected. “We both need someone right now.” He kissed my head and I couldn’t help but squeeze him even tighter.

He let me go but I was still in his arms. He looked sad but still had a smile on his face. “I got a message from my mom and said that my dad was somewhere in Australia and died of a heart attack last week.” He let go of me and turn and leaned on the countertop.

“I am so sorry Greyson, know how u feel… more so then you might think.” I put my hand on his shoulder and he turned around to me so fast so I wouldn’t see him crying.
He then hugged me so tight and it looked just needed a hug, so that is what I did, I just hugged him until he turned to me and kissed my forehead and said “you are probably the only one that I have told that too. Thank you for being here; if I have to be honest I invited you here so I could talk about it.”
“Sometimes you just need to talk about it and realise you aren’t the only person who has issues, some actually know what you are going through.”

He thanked me again for being there for him and then finished making the coffee. We then made our way to the lounge and decided to start watching nightmare before Christmas. We both belted every song we knew laughing when they got the words wrong. By the end of the movie I was entangled in his arms and at the end of the movie we both looked at each other and he kissed me. It was a long sweet kiss and he gave me butterflies by just touching my lips with his.

He then drives me home and didn’t let go of my hand the whole way home. As we got to the front gate of the house we looked a each other and he smiled at me and looked disappointed at the end of the night. We drove extra slow all the way to the teenagers house, and as soon as we got there it was about 10-ish. We said our goodbyes and he kissed me goodbye a bit shorter than our earlier kiss at his house but still filled with the same emotion the first one was.

“I’ll talk to you later then Rox” he said looking at me with a huge smile on his face like he just did something naughty and then he bit his bottom lip.
“Definitely, talk tomorrow morning.” I said while pausing on the stairs answering him. He then waved and closed the door and left.

I flopped on my bed and heard a fail of a bird call then a ‘she is home’ I ran to the door and said ‘listen I am tired and don’t want to talk about my night to you all right now’ I said and all the boys ran out of their rooms and Seth asked “okay fair but we just need to know if he kissed you at least.” As soon as he said it all the boys all ohh-ed at me and I said “it really is none of your business but yes we did.”
Jason and Jamie then said yea and high fived and automatically got handed money from the other n=boys.
“You betted if I kissed him?” I said laughing
“Well it is really non e of your business …” Brain said imitating my voice. “… But yes we did.”
I just laughed it off and everyone went to bed and I looked at my phone and saw a message from Greyson : hey beautiful just wanted to let you know I was home and thank you for tonight<3 you are amazing. I messaged him back saying : you are amazing not me<3 tonight was perfect<3 see you tomorrow at church :P
I put on my Pj’s and I heard my phone ring: defiantly babe<3 can’t wait to see you again. Sleep well beautiful see you in the morn.I fell asleep with the message in my mind loving this feeling. I am actually happy for once.

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