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Roxaan is plagued by a dream that has been happening every night since her twin sister went missing on their fifth birthday party. she finds out a lot more about her life in due time, after everything settles a mysterious twist comes out of nowhere. will she ever find out where her sister is or who she really is?


4. home is where the heart is

When Johan seemingly ‘joked’ about them being loaded I seriously thought he was joking. He really wasn’t at all. As we stopped we reached a black gate with the most detailed flower design I have ever seen. There was a security guard at the gate which let us in. After that we had to get our remotes and key cards.

After that he took us around the property in the middle of two mountains. The houses as far as I can see have a Victorian style with white and a dark navy finish, with the gardens all deep shade of green and the sun on the white paint it was breathe taking. The first building we come up too was the equestrian area where the horses run free. We see a stable and a huge paddock for all the beautiful horses to stay in.

We next see the gigantic pool house. And when I say pool house I mean party century! A huge waterslide, bar with a full time barman, tanning area and (of course) a huge pool. “Behind that pool house is the indoor exercise area,” says Johan, “it has all the machines you would need and a pool which is used to swim laps in. they are separate areas for everything.  Brad and Jamie are probably in there but every time I go into their gym I get splashed every time.  So you may be alone to do your doings or ask someone to do it with you if you desire. And if you get really desperate I am always around.” He said turning back with a wink, which made me laugh inside.

We come across a building with the same Victorian look but now we stop. “We are going inside the Library.” And got out the car, while me and Jason kind of just sat there not catching on that we were supposed to follow him until we saw him tap on his watch like we were late. So we awkwardly ran out the car while tripping over each other. At the door is a keypad that we have to swipe our card that we got at the gate.

As we got inside I see thousands of books everywhere. With dark furniture and olive coloured curtains. As imp looking around I see a skinny girl sitting surrounded by books, she seemed to be talking to herself.

As she looked up i see her I notice her eyes are the most beautiful grass green enhanced by the darkness of her brown hair and glasses. “Miss Sally, these are the new arrivals. This is Roxaan and Jason both 15 and from South Africa. And this is Sally; she is all so clever and is a national fencing champion.”
“hello.” We both mumble awkwardly not knowing what else to say.
“Hi.”  She says. “You seemed to have forgotten that I am from California, Jonah.”
“I found it!” said a male voice that we both jumped at quite knowing what it was.
“That is Brian, he is a softie but has a quick temper, he is about your age from Florida. Brian come down and meets the newbies!”

He walks down the stairs I see a slightly built similar to Sally, green eyes and brown hair. “hi.” He said not looking like he paid attention.” And you are?”
“Roxaan and Jason” said Jason before I had a chance to process what he said.
“awesome.” He said and ran to sally that was surrounded by one more book.

We left the library and went straight for another building that looked like it was still being bus built.
“This is your new music hall. It will be done by the time Mr and Mrs Smith will be back from their business trip from who knows where this time. “I and Jason looked at each other excitedly at the thought of a music hall all to us.

We drove for quite a bit now passing kilometres of gardens and even a small church. We came across a small house. “This is Mr and Mrs Smith’s house.” Jonah went on to explain, “They live separately from their older children to make the teenagers more independent but once or twice a week they travel to the main house to have dinner with the entire family.”

We get finally get to the main house and I was relieved and tired all at once. I had been up for hours with jet lag. We got into the main house using our keys again, everything is locked down here, which is not so different from back home but here it seems affective.

Inside it is all a beautiful creams and white which in a house full of teenagers doesn’t seem that believable, but beautiful none the less.

We go up one of the two flights of stairs and get to two bedrooms. It is completely dark and as soon as Jonah said it was my bedroom I felt around for the bed and passed out.

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