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Roxaan is plagued by a dream that has been happening every night since her twin sister went missing on their fifth birthday party. she finds out a lot more about her life in due time, after everything settles a mysterious twist comes out of nowhere. will she ever find out where her sister is or who she really is?


5. blood is thicker then water

The next morning I had such bad jet lag I couldn’t get out of bed and I wouldn’t, but I guessed I should meet my new family and all. So I put on my glasses, a sloppy grey sweat pants and a big black hang off the shoulder shirt and scrapped my mop into a bun.

As soon as I opened the door I felt a set of eyes on me. I realized that someone was watching me from behind a plant just down the hall.

“Hello?” I said quite nervously “anyone there?”

And two little heads poked out from around the plant. Both of them were a little skinny and maybe no older then twelve. One was a bit taller than the other; he had blonde hair and green eyes. The other, slightly shorter one had black hair and brown hair.

As soon as one of them was about to talk we heard a loud “mason! Jacob! I’m going to kill you two!” and they ran as fast as they could behind me, and just then a  very buff boy in a towel ran around the corner, he like one of the boys had black hair and brown eye, but his teeth were stained blue.

“Hi, I am Seth. I’m so sorry we have to meet like this but these two little shits put food colouring in my toothpaste.”
“That’s quite okay. I am Roxaan but you can call me Roxy. This is going to sound hilarious but I know how to help you. The same thing happened to me once, but bright red it looked like I was a vampire. “He started to laugh at me, and I was glad for making a seemingly good impression. “I used this weird tea and coffee strainer outer stuff and now I carry it everywhere with me just in case, but it took the bright red out of my teeth in 2 days.”
“If you would please borrow some to me I would be forever grateful and I will spare your lives this time.”  He said and made a fist to the two boys.
“Sure, but if you two ever do that to me I won’t.” I said with a slight smile on my face but they knew I wasn’t joking.
He followed me into my room and I passed him the tube of tooth-pasty stuff.
“I would have tried to make a better impression if I could but those two are always doing that.”
“It’s alright. You made a pretty good impression.” I said winking at his abs, he then pretended to act violated but I could see he enjoyed it.


Just before I was about to go downstairs I saw the two boys again and the boy with the black hair said “I am Jacob and this is Mason. We are both twelve and would like to let you know that you are on our good list for saving us against Seth.”
“Umm… that’s ok. I am Roxaan and I am fifteen.” copying his head banging movements.


I then found my way to Jason’s room and sat on him until he was forced to wake up. As soon as he woke up he splashed water on his faced put on a shirt and followed me downstairs.We saw Seth and he told us he would show us around the whole property, and hopefully gets to meet the rest of our new family.


We ate breakfast and got in his jeep, which to say I didn’t expect at all. After nearly dying three times and crashing into a tree, we got to the pool and ran to try and get out of that car we got inside using those funny key card things. Inside it was almost of a spa cross gym area, fully equipped with a jakoozi and a heated 25m pool.


And then I start to feel my leg is wet. I look down to see that a person is in the pool holding my leg. He had a sweet naughty smile, but very attractive and sweet at the same time. His hair was a bright blonde almost dyed but looked natural next to his blue eyes.
“And you are?” I said raising an eyebrow
“Brad.” He said winking. “And yourselves?”
“I am Jason this is Roxaan.” Jason said which shocked me with how excited he sounded.
“Awesome. You just missed Jamie; he went to the ‘rents house.”
“That’s okay they shall met them some other time. I shall see you tonight at the church.” Said Seth, which caught me by surprise forgetting he was there. Seth pushed me into the pool and Brad then pulled me into the water. I wasn’t very happy.


After slapping both of them and making a point of sitting wet in his car we were ok. He then took us to the parents’ house.


“Surprise, surprise they aren’t here.” Seth said pulling into their quaint little house, “it looks like people are inside though.”
We walked inside and saw a little girl with the biggest green eyes which were enhanced by her blonde hair. Seth then introduced us, “this is little Sammy, she has just turned 5.” He said with big eyes. “This is Roxaan and Jason.”
She said an awkward but sweet hi and carried on playing with her dolls. She whispered something in his ear and he smiled and looked at us and said “do you think they can handle that.” And she smiled and nodded.

“Get in the car you two we are going to go shopping and then to the church”, Said Seth. He is really good with her. After this we got in  the car and started making our way to the town.

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