Good Girls Love Bad Boys

Yeah I know what your thinking, Miss.Goody-two-shoes. Its constantly around me but I don't really care, I just like to stay out of trouble and keep to myself. But there's one person that could change it all for meHis name is louis tomlinson, The school 'bad boy'. ((Warning: contains strong language))


1. The party

Grace's P.O.V


I quickly made my way through the crowded hallway trying to find my dorm room. It was my first day of collage and I was so excited to start. Is that even normal to say I'm excited? But whatever back to the story. I, being the stupid person I am, dropped my phone.

"Shit." I whispered to myself. I was about to pick it up when I saw a tattooed arm pick it up. I looked at the person and noticed it was Louis Tomlinson my biggest crush since pre-school.

"Pretty girls like you shouldn't be saying bad words." He winked causing a bright red blush of embarrassment to rise up to my cheeks.

"T-Thanks." I stuttered. say something, I thought to myself.

"See you later, love." He smiled and walked off into his room which was surprisingly next to my room.

"B-bye." I stuttered moments after he shut his door. Idiot, I scolded myself as I walked into my room. A tall girl with, Long straight blonde hair walked out.

"Oh hey! You must be grace, I'm Lucy." She smiled giving me a quick hug.

"Yeah! Are you going to the welcome party?" I asked laying out my outfit for the collage party.

"Hell yeah! Collage is supposed to be fun so why not start now, you know?" She laughed and I joined in.


-before the party-


I looked at myself in the mirror. I was wearing a black dress that went down half way to my thighs and some heels. My hair was in a tight doughnut bun and I had made sure to wear bright red lipstick since I always knew Louis had an eye for the girls with red lipstick.

Lucy came out in a blue strapless dress and a pair of flats. Her hair was in beachy waves and her make up was natural with pink lip gloss.

"Ready to go?" She asked. I nodded and we went to her car.The drive to the club was silent but not an awkward silence. We arrived and we walked in. Lucy went of with some of her friends to dance as I went to the bar to get a drink.

"One vodka shot." I yelled over the pounding music to the bar tender. I swallowed it down and got another one.

I turned my head and saw Louis surrounded by some sluts from our old school. It wasn't unusual to see that, he's always been a player. I looked away and saw zayn walking up to me.

"Hey I recognize you. Grace right?" He asked.

"Yeah." I smiled.

"You've gotten hotter. Wanna dance?" He smirked biting his lower lip. At this point I was so intoxicated that I couldn't think straight so obviously I said yes, I mean who wouldn't?

when we found a place to dance i started to sway my hips to the music. suddenly I was kissing him...


Hope you liked the first chapter of my first story. Would you like it if I continued?

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