Christmas Love / a christmas imagine

A Justin Bieber Christmas imagine. For you. You can read it over and over again, every Christmas, but the dates won't fit next year to the week days. Well hope you like it:)


9. 9th December

9th December.

You woke up and stretched your body. 'Monday' you thought and sighed. You slowly got your feet down on the floor and slowly got up from bed. You remembered that there was going to come a new boy in you class. You smiled and hoped it was an exciting, sweet, funny and caring boy, who would love you for who you are, not because you were the popular girl in school. You hoped it would be Josh, but you knew it wouldn't happen. Even though he is an asshole, you still want him back and you still love him. "Morning sweetheart" my mom shouted from downstairs. "Morning mom" you shouted back and went to take a shower, after that you found some black Adidas pants on with write stripes on the side, a purple tight tank top and a black cardigan and took it on You found your purple vans and took them on. You curled your hair a little bit and putted on some make-up. You took your phone and walked down to your mom. "I'm gonna miss you mom" you said and hugged her. "I'm gonna miss you more sweetheart, but your 18 you can be home alone" she said and smiled. She was right, you were 18 and you could be alone in 6 months. "Yeah, but I gotta go to school now, love you" you said and took on your winter jacket and scarf. You walked outside in the cold and started to walk to school. Went you arrived to school, the bell rang and you hurried to your class with your books and so on. "I'm sorry miss" you said, when you came inside and you realized everyone were there including your teacher and the new student. You sat down on your seat and realized it was Justin, who stood up at the blackboard with the teacher. "Justin" you exclaimed happily. "*Y/N*" he exclaimed extremely happy and you ran up in his arms. He swung you around and then sat you down again. You smiled at him and he smiled at you. Your teacher cleared her throat and you stopped to look at each other. "Im sorry" you said and sat down again. No one sat next to you, weird, but true, the teacher didn't think you should sit next to anybody, you just distracted them to much. "Well as you heard this is Justin Bieber and he is new here, so if *Y/N* you would show him around, please" the teacher said and looked at you. You nodded and smiled. "Okay good then, Justin you can sit in behind, next to Jason" she said and smiled. You smiled at Justin and he smiled back. His eyes only was on you and no body else even though all the girls wanted him to notice them, he didn't.

*at lunch*

Justin came over to you and sat down, "hey sweetie." You smiled, "hey Jussy." "I've missed you and you don't know how happy I am, to be in the same school as you" he exclaimed happy and looked into your eyes. "I've missed you too and I'm really happy to have you here Justy" you said and smiled happily. Then all the boys came over to you one of them touched your hand and you bet Justin felt jealous, because suddenly he took you to a bath room and pushed you up against the wall. "My hands, my body, my lips, my hair, my thighs, my stomach, my eyes" he said and kissed your cheek, "nobody else's, mine." You giggled, "well then your body is mine too." He smirked, "all yours." "I'm pretty hungry can we please go back and eat" you exclaimed. He hugged you and after a while he let go. You walked out first, then after a while he came out.

*after school*

"Do you wanna come with me" you asked Justin, "as a best friend." "Of cause, I'd love too" he said and smiled. 'It's a really strange relationship we have, like really really strange, some times we act like we're dating and sometimes we act like we're sex buddies and sometimes we act act like we're best friends' you thought as the two of you walked home. "Mom I'm home" you shouted and took of your jacket and scarf. "Hi sweetheart, had a good day at school" she asked as she came into the kitchen. "Great" you said and Justin and you walked to the kitchen. "Hi Justin" she said and hugged him. "Hi *Y/M/N*" Justin said and hugged your mom. "What are you doing here" she asked. "Because I invited him" you said and smiled. "But why" she asked, "you don't know him that well." "I do mom, he is my best friend mom" you said and smiled. "Oh okay, I will come up with some snacks" she said and smiled. Then you and Justin walked up to your room. You sat down in your bed with a pillow and Justin sat down and played with some baseball he found somewhere in the bushes. "Well the reason why there is such a mess in our house is because, my mom must move to Mexico in 6 months and I'm staying. So se is packing right now" you said and smiled. You laid down and closed your eyes, "god im tired" you yawned. Just as you was about to sleep you felt Justin's protective arms around your waist from behind. You smiled, "goodnight Jussy." "Night sweetheart" he said and kissed your cheek. It wasn't even night get it was evening. Well you fell a sleep anyways. The rest of the night you had fun the three of you, your mom , Justin and you. He was the best best friend in the entire world and I hope he knew.

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