Christmas Love / a christmas imagine

A Justin Bieber Christmas imagine. For you. You can read it over and over again, every Christmas, but the dates won't fit next year to the week days. Well hope you like it:)


8. 8th December

8th December.

You opened your eyes, 'Sunday' you thought and smiled. You got up from your bed and realized that there was no Justin and no mattress on the floor. Your smile quickly faded when you realized he was gone. You found a note on the kitchen table and you read it out loud, "Dear *Y/N*. Thank you for the best days in my entire life, no one can make me smile and laugh like you. Your my best friend of all time, but even though I'm your friend, I love to kiss you. Well I hope I'll see ya soon, but I'm gonna start in a new high school tomorrow so, it might become a while before we can see each other again. I already miss you. -Justin<3." 'Aww he is just so sweet' you thought and smiled at the note. Then the door bell rang and went to open it. "Josh" you exclaimed and looked at your ex, standing there out in the cold winter weather. "Hi *Y/N*" he said and smiled. "What are you doing here" you asked and raised an eyebrow. "I'm leaving in 5 hours and I wanted to spend my last hours here, with you" he explained. "Come in then" you sighed and letted him inside. He took his jacket and shoes off and went to the kitchen with me. "So how is life" he asked and sat down. "Great, and you" you said and thought about Justin. "Kinda bad, I've missed you and I really didn't want it to end that way" he said and looked down. "But how can you want it to end in an other way when you say it like that" you exclaimed annoyed and looked at him. "Princess, just listen to me. I'm so sorry I don't know how to make it up to you again. I just want us to be, at least, good friends" he said and smiled. 'Princess' you thought and smiled. "It's okay, I guess I kinda overreacted" you said and looked into his eyes. He came closer to you, "I still love you." "I love you too" you said and then your lips met. "A week without your body, it's a living hell" he whispered onto your skin, making you shudder. 'What are you doing *Y/N*' you thought to yourself and sighed. "I've missed yours too" you said and kissed down his neck. This became to so much more than you wanted it to be. You made love in two hours and then he just left again. Maybe he only wanted to make love to you and then walk off, maybe he didn't even love you, he only loves your body. You didn't know but it was two wonderful hours. You decided to call Justin.

"Hi sweetie" you heard his sweet voice through the phone.

"Hi Jussy. Thank you for the note. I miss you too and I love to kiss you too, even though I'm your friend" you said and smiled.

"Your welcome sweetheart, so how are ya" he said and giggled.

"I'm kinda okay and you" you sighed.

"What's wrong sweetheart" he asked worried.

You sighed, "I told you about Josh right."

"Yep, what's the matter with him?" he asked.

"Um, he kinda came over you know and said sorry and all of that. Then we kinda kissed and then we kinda made love. I couldn't help it. You know I still love him. But then he just left me. And that made me think of if he only wanted me for sex. And that made me think that he is the biggest jerk on earth" you said and looked down.

"Oh okay" he sounded kinda hurt, "well um he is a jerk."

You giggled, "a big one."

"Yeah, but if he can't see how wonderful girl you are, he is blind and stupid" Justin said.

You blushed a little bit, "aww your cute Jussy."

"Your more sweetie" he said and giggled.

You heard a knock on the door and heard your moms voice.

"Justin I gotta go, my mom is here, see ya" you said and hung up, smiling.

You went to the door and opened the door. "Hey mom" you said and hugged her, "I've missed you." "I've missed you more sweetie" she said and you pulled away. "Was it good" you asked and smiled. She nodded, "yeah, look sweetie, I need to tell you something." You looked worried at her and your smiled faded, "what's wrong." "Um we need to move to Mexico, in 6 months, because of my job" she said and looked down. "What!!? Nooo" you cried out, "I have all my friends here and Justin." It just flew out of you. "Who is Justin" she asked. "He's just a boy from school, one of my really really good friends" you explained. "Okay" she sighed, "we're leaving at Friday." "Mom please let me stay, I can do it alone, or I could stay at Patties, I just really wanna stay here" you cried out. She sighed and walked into the kitchen with all of her stuff, "well you are old enough...... Just promise me you won't get drunk every night, okay. I will send Pattie over to look how you are and if your good, every week." "Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you" you exclaimed and jumped into her arms, "but I will miss you like crazy." "I will miss you too sweetheart" she said and smiled.

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