Christmas Love / a christmas imagine

A Justin Bieber Christmas imagine. For you. You can read it over and over again, every Christmas, but the dates won't fit next year to the week days. Well hope you like it:)


7. 7th December

7th December.

You slowly opened your tired eyes and looked around. You felt some arms around your waist and you smiled. You removed the arms around you waist slowly and sat up. You let your feet hit the floor and you slowly stood up. Saturday, finally, what you've been waiting for all week. Saturday where you just can relax without being surrounded by boys and so on. And no worries about school tomorrow because it's Sunday tomorrow. You loved Saturday, it was the best day. You took off your clothes, found some new and walked to the bath room to take a shower. You forgot to lock the door, so suddenly you heard the door open and close. You froze. "Morning" you heard Justin's raspy voice. When you didn't answer he said, "c'mon it's not like I haven't seen you naked before." He chuckled and you giggled, "morning." "Slept well" he asked. "Amazing and you" you said and continued to wash your body and hair. "Me too" he giggled, "see ya soon." Then he walked out. 'That was kinda awkward' you thought. When you were done and you've taken on your clothes, you walked out of the bath room and down the stairs, to the kitchen. "Justin, thank you for being there for me last night, I really needed that" you said and looked at him. "My pleasure" he said and smiled, "how are ya doing today." "Great" you said and looked down, "I mean I still miss him, but you kinda make me forget." He smiled, "good and I know how you feel." He looked sad at the ground. "What happened" you asked. A single tear fell down his cheek, but he quickly dried away, "um, like 1 month ago, my ex, cheated on me and left without a word. I haven't talked to her since and I really miss her. But I don't want her back because she was a whore and I first saw that there. I was blind because I loved her so much....." You looked sad at him, "I'm so sorry to hear that Justin." "It's okay, I'm kinda over it now, like you said, you kinda make me forget" he smiled a little smile. You walked over to him and hugged him. Then you both cried for a while. "Thank you" he sniffled, "I needed that, I haven't cried in a while, even though I should." "Your welcome Justin" you and smiled. He was a really good friend. "Let's be real friends instead of this sex-buddy thing" he said and smiled. "I like that idea" you said and smiled back, "but I'm not good at friends, I always fuck it up." "Well first of all, you need to know each other.... So let's talk about the deep stuff" he said and sat down. "Deep stuff" you asked, "like what." "Like...... What's your favorite color" he asked. "You crossed the line" you said and looked at him. He laughed, "no seriously what is it." "It's blue" you said, "like the sky when it's summer and there is no clouds." You smiled, "what about you." "Mine is purple" he said and smiled. "Okay so what color eyes do you like the most" you asked. "Um its hard to tell, but it would probably be *Y/E/C*" he said and smiled, "what about you." "I love brown eyes" you said and smiled. He smiled and looked into your eyes. "Okay now it's a hard question" you said, "if you could change one thing about yourself what would that be." "Yep that's hard" he giggled, "but it would probably be, my feet, what about you." "Um, I would change, my thighs" you said and looked at them. "No no they are perfect just as they are" he exclaimed. You giggled, "thanks Justin." "Your welcome" he said and smiled. So you and Justin just talked in hours about life and got to know each other very well. "Justin my mom is coming home tomorrow and I thought that only if you want to you could maybe stay here a night more" you asked and and smiled. "Of cause sweetie" he said and smiled, "I'll sleep on the couch then" he said and smiled. You were only friends so that would be more right. "Or you can just sleep on the floor if you want to, in my room" you asked and smiled. "I could also do that" he said and giggled, "well let's bake a cake or something." "Good idea" you said and stood up quickly. "Chocolate cake" Justin exclaimed and ran to the kitchen. You chuckled and followed him. "Yeah we could do that" you said and punched him on the chest. "Aye why did you do that" he exclaimed and looked at you. "Because I wanted to" you said and crossed you arm. "You" he said and giggled, "you and god damn attitude." He started to tickle you and laid you down on the floor, you just laughed and tried to get him to stop. He sat on top of you and refused to get away from you. "Justin come on, just move, I can't breathe" you exclaimed and made these puppy eyes. He sighed and got up. "Are you gonna help me" you asked and took your hand out. He giggled and took your hand to help you, but instead he fell down on top of you. You both laughed pretty much, for a while, but then he moved his head so it was so near to yours that you could feel his breath on your skin. You looked into each other's eyes, in silence. He slowly moved closer and you knew what he was about to do, but you didn't do anything. His beautiful lips hit yours and you started to make out on the middle of the kitchen floor.

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