Christmas Love / a christmas imagine

A Justin Bieber Christmas imagine. For you. You can read it over and over again, every Christmas, but the dates won't fit next year to the week days. Well hope you like it:)


5. 5th December

5th December.

You woke up and went to take some clothes and make-up on. You turned on the radio and listened to the songs on there. You needed to go to school, but you didn't want to, you had a big hangover. You were sad, kinda sick and broken. You knew the school would make you feel better. You got your lazy body to the school, right before the bell rang. You slowly walked to your class room. Nobody was there, when you saw something there was written on the blackboard. 'We're in number 120.' "Okaaay" you said and turned around, but you just then you walked into somebody and fell down on the ground. "Oh god I'm so sorry" you heard a voice say. You opened your eyes and looked into the most beautiful eyes you've ever seen, almost, "I'm Jake and you are." "I-I'm *Y/N*" you said and smiled. He helped you up and you looked into each other's eyes for a while. You totally melted inside. You felt your knees go all weak. He looked pretty cute and sweet. "You're new here" you asked smiling. "Kinda" he said and smiled. His smile was cute. "You can hang out with me if you want to, I'm pretty lonely" you said and sighed. "Seriously, won't that break your image, like your the most popular girl on school" he exclaimed. "How do you know" you asked. "Because, every boy is talking about and even the girls too" he said and smiled. You smiled, "well I don't care about that, you can hang out with me, if you want to." "Then I'd love too" he said and smiled his heart-melting smile. "Okay great, what lessons do you have now" you asked. "Um, English I think" he said and smiled nervous. "Well I'm gonna have that too, c'mon" you said and you walked together to the other class room. "Sorry I'm late, I found this new student in the class" you said and smiled nicely. "You can sit down" she said and smiled. You sat down up in front so you could learn something. "Hi Jake" your teacher said and smiled. "Hi miss" Jake said and I smiled. "Um I didn't knew you were coming but you can take a seat next to *Y/N*" he said and you smiled at him. He smiled back and sat down next to you.

*for lunch*

"You seem like a really sweet girl, are you gonna do anything after school" Jake asked you and took a bite of his sandwich. You shook your head, "nope, I think I'm gonna hang up some Christmas thing, what about you." "Nothing. And that sound cozy" he said and took one more bite of his sandwich. You thought for a moment, 'why not.' "Do you wanna come" you asked him and smiled. "Sure, I'd love to" he said and smiled. Suddenly all the boys came over to us and started talking and talking and talking about how beautiful you looked today and so on. Then finally the bell rang again and the two of you walked to class together.

*after school*

"So where are you from" you asked Jake on your way home to you. "I'm from London" he said and smiled. "I can hear that on your accent" you giggled, "it's cute." He grinned, "thanks." "Wow" he exclaimed when he saw your house. You giggled unlocked the front door. You took of your jacket and shoes, you putted on some Christmas music and the two of you started to hing up Christmas thing in the living room and kitchen. "Finally done" you said and sat down in the couch. Jake sat down next to you and looked at you without saying a word. You looked into his head and he slowly moved closer to you and closed his eyes. His lips hit yours, you kissed back and you actually enjoyed it, he was an amazing kisser. You pulled away and couldn't stop smiling. "Sorry I just-" you cut him off, by kissing him again this time with a little more passion. "Don't say sorry" you said and stroked his cheek gently. He smiled, "your beautiful did you knew that." You blushed, "thank you."

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