Christmas Love / a christmas imagine

A Justin Bieber Christmas imagine. For you. You can read it over and over again, every Christmas, but the dates won't fit next year to the week days. Well hope you like it:)


4. 4th December

4th December.

'It was so freaking awkward' you thought, while you thought about yesterday. You kept asking yourself why you took him with you home and you slept together. But you got his number and you considered to call him. Right now you needed to go to school. You took a quick bath, found some black skinny jeans, a white over-size shirt and some blue vans. You walked over to you mirror, slightly curled your hair and putted on some make-up. You smiled satisfied at yourself in the mirror and walked down the stairs to your mom. "Morning sweetie" she said and kissed your cheek. "Morning mom" you said and took an apple. "Gotta go bye" you said and right before you closed the door you heard your mom say, "I love you." You smiled and walked to school. You always have fun in school, almost. Your never alone and there ain't any stupid girl over there. "Hi *Y/N*" you heard some boys say behind you. You turned around smiling, "hi boys, how ya doing." "Good and you" they said. You nodded, "I'm good." The bell rang and you walked to your class room. "Okay find your books" your teacher said and you did as he said. After the LONG lesson, you went to your locker and found your phone.

*at home*

You were home and watched tv when your mom, came in with all of her bags, "I'm going out if town, the rest of this week sweetheart, I need to work." "Okay have fun, love you" you said and looked at the tv again. "Love you too" she said and smiled at you. You smiled back and looked back at the tv. When she was gone you stood up and thought about what you should do next. You couldn't stand to be alone, because then you thought about the break up and that makes you cry. Well it was 7pm. You took a beer and one more and one more and one more..... This would fill out the hole inside of you, but it didn't you just got more sad. Without thinking you called Justin.

"Hey Justin" you said.

"Hey baby" you heard him say. You were pretty wasted and didn't think..

"Can you come over" you asked.

"Sure I will be there in 10 babe" he said.

"See ya" you said and hung up.

You were wondering why you invited him over. You sat down on the couch and watched tv again, but with a beer in your hand. Then you heard a knock on the door, you opened it and looked into these heart melting brown eyes, you loved them. "Hi babe" Justin said and smirked, "you need some huh." You nodded and bite your lip. "Damn your sexy babe" he said and crashed his lips onto yours and you locked the door. "Mm" you moaned, when you felt him grab your ass.

*an hour after*

"Thank you" you said and turned you head to him. "My pleasure" he said and smiled, "but why are ya drunk on a wednesday night." "Because I just broke up with my boyfriend" you said and sat up. "Sorry" he said and stood up, "wanna come for a bath." You nodded and together you went to the bath room. 'It's weird it's like we've become friends with benefits, like "sex friends"' you thought to yourself and smirked. You were wasted and you didn't care about anything right now. The warm water hit your bodies and Justin smirked. "Your beautiful" he whispered in your ear. You kissed his neck as the hot water ran down your wet bodies. 'Its nice to have a boy, that you know, don't take this personality, who just enjoy it, without any feelings' you thought to yourself. You didn't see Justin as a boyfriend at all, he was just a sex buddy. You smirked and continued to kissed down his body.

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