Christmas Love / a christmas imagine

A Justin Bieber Christmas imagine. For you. You can read it over and over again, every Christmas, but the dates won't fit next year to the week days. Well hope you like it:)


2. 2th December

2th December.

You slept over at your boyfriends house to the next day the 2th of December, one day closer to Christmas Eve. You smiled at the thought and slowly opened your eyes. You woke up to a sleeping Josh. You smiled and kissed his cheek, "morning baby." You walked down the stairs to his mom and dad. They smiled at you, "I never ment to hurt you or Josh, I just need this job so badly" exclaimed his mom. "It's okay" you said with a sad smile. She looked sad at you and pulled you into a hug. Then after some time she pulled away again. She was so nice, to you. Almost like a second mom. "Y/N" you heard Josh shout from up stairs. You ran up there and smiled, "what baby." "I need to tell you something" he said with a serious face. Your smile quickly disappeared and you sat down next to him. "Umm so I'm gonna move to Australia and you need to stay here. So um...........I think it might be best if we broke up, them the pain won't be as bad as it maybe would, not see you everyday. You need to move on, because we can't have a relationship when I live on the other side of the world I hope you understand, you need to forget me, *Y/N*" he said as a year fell down his cheek. You couldn't believe your own ears. You started crying and sat down on the floor. "*Y/N*" he tried. You couldn't believe he could say something like that. "Don't" you said and stood up. He took your arm but you took it back, "don't touch me, if you want to break up, then here you go, I'm out, don't text or call me" you shouted and walked all the way home crying. "It's 8am, if I hurry I can made it to school" you said to yourself, still crying. You needed to get your thoughts away from the breakup. "Then I can go to a club to night and get so freaking drunk that I can't remember anything" you smirked. Well you took a quick bath and found a black t-shirt, some tight white skinny jeans and some link vans. You blow dried your *Y/H/C* hair and let it fall down your shoulders. You didn't put on make-up. You took a grey hoodie and your phone. Then you walked down the stairs where your mom was. "What's up sweetie" my mom said and smiled. "Nothing, I just broke up with Josh and now I will go to school" you said and kissed her cheek. You took on your winter jacket and your scarf, then you went outside in the cold. You got in your car and drove to school. As you walked into your school the bell rang to the 4rd lesson. You went to your locker, got your books and walked to class. "So in a weeks you will get a new student in here and it's a boy" your teacher said and smiled. You smirked and looked around. You were the most popular girl in the whole school and everybody adored you. "She is mine" all the boys exclaimed and pointed at you. You giggled and the teacher continued to teach us.

*after the lesson*

It was lunch and you found some food and a table. Some of the girls came over to you and sat down, but these girl only sat down at your table because they knew the boys would come over here. You smiled at them and they came, all of the boys, came over here. "Hi *Y/N*" they said and smiled charming at me. I smiled back, "Hi boys." You talked for a long time and the others girl tried to come with some jokes but it didn't work.

*after school*

"Hi mom I'm home" you shouted. "Hi sweetheart, how you doing" she asked, she was talking about the break up. Your eyes started to tear up and you fell into your moms arms. "Everything is gonna be alright" she said and you pulled away. "I'm going out to night" you said and sat down on a chair. "Nice, where" she asked and smiled. "I don't know, just on a night club somewhere in L.A" you sighed. "Okay sweetie, I'll be over at Patties house, till tomorrow then" she said and smiled. She knew how drunk you could get and how annoying you were, so she'd rather stay away from you. And what if you took a random guy with you home. "Okay mom" you said and ran up to your room.

*At the club*

You've found the hottest night club in L.A and danced with some random guys. You took one more drink even though, you've got 20 already. You wanted to forget about everything right now. Suddenly you felt som warm hands on your hips and you turned around, to a pair of beautiful brown eyes. You couldn't see that well, but he looked hot. "Hi babe" he whispered in your ear. You smirked. "Hi" you said and smiled. "What's your name babe" he asked and licked his lips once. "*Y/N*" you said. "A gorgeous name for a gorgeous chick" he said and smiled a charming smile. "What's your name" you asked. "Justin" he said. "Come on babe" he said and took you to the dance floor. You felt him kiss your neck. "Come on babe, we will go home to you" he whispered sexy in your ear. You nodded and walked home or walked as good as you could. When you were home he laid you down on your bed and started to kiss you passionately. He took off your dress and you started to lick him on his jaw line.

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