Christmas Love / a christmas imagine

A Justin Bieber Christmas imagine. For you. You can read it over and over again, every Christmas, but the dates won't fit next year to the week days. Well hope you like it:)


25. 25th December

25th December

You woke with someone arms wrapped around you. You smiled because you knew it was Justin, your beloved Justin, your everything. You slowly turned around so you were facing him. You looked at his beautiful and perfect face. His hair was messed up and his eyes closed. You just stared at him for a while, smiling. He started to move and slowly open his eyes. As his eyelids got up and his beautiful brown eyes were in sight you kissed his beautiful and perfect lips. "Good morning princess, slept well" he said and smiled. His eyes sparkled like stars in the night sky. "Morning my prince, I slept perfect and you." He smiled and pecked your lips, "me too." "I can't believe your actually here" you said and buried your head into his chest. He wrapped his arms around you and held you tight into him. You just couldn't stop smiling and you bet he couldn't either.

You pulled away and pecked his lips. He smiled and kissed your cheek, "I've missed your kissable cheeks." You giggled and messed up his hair even more, "I've missed your kissable lips." "I love you princess, your my everything, my world, I can't live without you" he suddenly said. You looked at him smiling, "awe I love you too. And your my everything and my world too. Thank you for helping me. You helped me through my breakup and you didn't leave me, even though I was drinking and so on. You didn't ever leave my side. No one have ever done that for me before. Justin I really really really really love you, I can't describe it and I can't describe how happy I am, that your here." "Wow, thanks baby, that means a lot to me, thank you" he said and kissed you with a lot of passion. Then you heard the door open. You heard your mom clear her throat. When you and Justin were done kissing and looked at your mom. "Time for presents lovebirds" she said and smiled, "and it's now." "Merry Christmas" you heard her shout already on her way to the living room. "Uh yeah, Merry Christmas baby, ready for presents" Justin exclaimed and got up. You got up smiling and found some sweat pants, a tank-top and a loose cardigan. You threw your hair up in a messy bun and waited for Justin. He had a one piece on in baby blue and he still had his messy morning hair. "You look beautiful princess" he said as you jumped up on his back, grinning. "Thanks you too prince." You.. Or Justin walked to the living rooms with you on the back. Your mom and Pattie smiled at you, they found their phones and took a picture of you and Justin, while you were up on his back. You jumped down from Justin's back and sat down. Justin got down on the floor, behind you and you leaned back against his chest. "C'mon princess you can start, your the youngest" Justin said kissing your cheek. "Okay which one is for me" you said excited and looked at your mom. "This one" she said and gave you a present. It was from your mom. You took away the Christmas paper that was wrapped around it. It was a scrapbook with pictures of you and your family, probably also some with Justin. "Thank you so much mom" you said and got up to hug her and kiss her cheek, "I love you mom." "Your welcome sweetie and I love you too" she said and smiled. Before you sat down you found a present for Justin, you sat down and gave it to him. He opened it and you sat up and turned around to see his face. He made an *O* face and smiled really happy. When he packed it up so you could see what it was, you could it was the bracelet from you. "OMG thank you sooo much princess, I love you I love you I love you" he said, pecked your lips and pulled you into a hug.

You pulled away and then you found a present for Pattie, it was the one from you, of cause. She opened it and made the same face as Justin. "OMG this is beautiful, thank you so much *Y/N*" she exclaimed and ran over to hug you. "Your welcome Pattie" you said and smiled. "Your turn mom" you exclaimed and found the presents from you, to her. She packed one of them up. She made just the same face as Justin and Pattie did. But she also cried a little bit. "This is so beautiful and sweet, thank you sweetie" she said and went over to hug you. "Your very much welcome mom" you said and smiled. "Princess, open this one" Justin and took one for you. He sat back down and waited to see your face, when you opened it. You packed it up and saw a card with the Eiffel Tower on. You opened it and read out loud in your head :" Hi my beautiful princess, this one of many gifts for you. But this is a trip to Paris for me and you, all alone. You decide when we will go on and so on. But when you do I have the best hotel and so on ready. Love you princess - your Justin." "Thank you SOOOO much Jussi, OMG this is amazing" you exclaimed and hugged him and pecked his lips once before pulled away. He smiled, "my pleasure baby." "Okay now your turn Justin, I want you to open this one, now" you said and found one of the presents from you to him. You gave it to him and sat down again. "OMG how did you know I needed these so badly?" He exclaimed happily and took them up of the box as of they were god. You giggled, "magic." He pecked your lips, "thank you so much princes." "Your welcome baby" you said and pecked his lips. The. It was Patties turn and then your moms. Then it was your turn again, Justin found one of his presents for you and you opened it. It's the most beautiful necklace you've ever seen. It was a gold hear with a diamond in the middle. "Thank you SO much baby" you exclaimed and hugged him and pecked his lips. When you were done opening all your presents you, Justin told you to come with him somewhere. The two of you got into the car and he drove you to som kind of mountain or something, with a view all over Mexico. "Wow this is beautiful Justin." "But not as beautiful as you baby" he said and got down on his knees. "Is something wrong baby" you asked worried. He chuckled, "not at all, there is just something important I gotta ask you." "Okay go on baby" you said and smiled down at him. "Well let's make it short, I love you with all my heart and I've always done that I always will. Your my world, my everything and I'm dreaming of having a family with you and be with you forever and ever. Princess do wanna........maybe.....marry me" he said as he took a little black box out of his one piece. He gave opened it and you saw a silver ring with diamonds all over it. You could see that they were real. You nodded, "YES, of course I will marry you Justin" you shouted happily and just as he had putted the ring on your finger, you jumped in his arms. Me didn't stand on his legs so he fell down backwards. You laid there for a long time, you could lay there forever with your fiancé just next to you.

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