Christmas Love / a christmas imagine

A Justin Bieber Christmas imagine. For you. You can read it over and over again, every Christmas, but the dates won't fit next year to the week days. Well hope you like it:)


22. 22th December

22th December

You woke up, but didn't want to get up, you were leaving Justin today. You needed to see your mom, but you really didn't want to leave Justin. It's the first time since you got together. A single year fell down your cheek, but you dried it away. "Don't cry baby" you heard Justin's voice. "I'm not crying" you said. He turned you around. You took your hands to your head, to hide that you've cried, but he took them away, "don't cry princess, I can't stand to see you cry, it's breaks me." You sat up as the tears began to fall down your cheeks. Justin sat up and pulled you into a big bear hug. "Shhh, everything is gonna be alright princess, I promise you" he said rubbing your back. "We will soon see each other again, promise, I just have to be at home for Christmas then I will travel with your every where you want, I promise you princess." You buried your head into his chest and kept crying. You couldn't stand to be away from him, in such a long time. You would travel to your mom later today and you will stay there the rest of the year and plus some more, maybe for two months. "Shhh, we will be together again before you know it" he said, trying to calm me down a little. "Two months" you cried into his shoulder. "Look it's gonna be two quick months, I promise you. We will Skype every single day" he said calmly. When he finally got you to calm down he pulled away and looked at you with his hands on your shoulders, "everything is gonna be alright, I promise you baby." He kissed your cheek, "please smile for me princess, I love your smile, it makes me smile." That made you smile a little bit. "See here it is, the most beautiful smile on the planet" he said and stroke your cheek gentle. You smiled, "thanks Justin, you can always make me smile." He smiled and kissed your cheek, "you too." "But your never sad" you said. He nodded, "of cause I'm sad sometimes, I just don't show it, I'm sad now." "It's a gift you can't do that" you said and smiled a little smile. He smiled as an answer, "c'mon let's cuddle baby, you need to be at the airport in 5 hours." You nodded, "okay." Justin sat up against the wall and you laid your head on his chest while his arm was wrapped around you. He kissed the top of your head and whispered against your hair, "I love you." You smiled, "I love you too." Then you enjoyed the silence in a long time.

You looked at the clock, shit it was 12 am. You gotta be on that air plain in 3 hours. "Shit" you exclaimed and got up. Justin was asleep so you started to pack your stuff. You took the key, your presents for Pattie and putted them into the room where Justin's present were. You knocked on the door to Patties room. "Yeah" you heard her say. "Can I come in" you asked. "Of cause" she said and opened the door. "I gotta say something important" you said and smiled. "Okay go on then sweetie" she said and closed the door behind you. "This is the key to the room with your presents in. Don't open it before the 25th" you said and smiled a sad smile. "Okay sweetie" she said and smiled, "thanks." "Your welcome" you smiled. You hugged, "bye Pattie." "Bye sweetie." You walked out again and back to your room, finding a sleeping Justin. "Jussi, you need to get up" you shook him. "Wha" he asked and sat up. "Would you please help me with packing" you asked and kissed his sleep. "This is a dream right, please hit me on my arm" he said. "What, this isn't dream Justin, you need to get up" you asked and tried to et him up. "Okay" he sighed and got up.

At the airport:

You had written a letter for them both a placed them on their beds. You cried already and Justin couldn't help but cry to. Some tears also filled Patties eye while looking at us saying goodbye. "Goodbye princess, I will miss you like crazy" he said and pulled you into a hug. You smiled, crying. He was the sweetest ever. "I will miss you too Jussi" you cried and pulled away. You planted a gentle kiss on his cheeks. He took his arms around your waist and you took your arms around his neck. He leaned his forehead against yours, "I love you, forever and always" he whispered. "I will love you forever and always too" you whispered back, just before your lips met each other in a greedy, but gentle kiss. You slowly pulled away and Justin gave you three small kisses afterwards and hugged you again in a long time. "Flight to Mexico is flying in 10 minutes" you heard a voice over the speakers say. You just cried even more and looked at Justin. "You better get over there princess" he said and took some hair behind my ear. You smiled with the tears rolling down your cheeks, "yeah." "Bye Pattie, thanks for being there" you said and hugged her. "Your welcome and thank you for making Justin happy again" she said and you pulled away. "I'm gonna miss you Pattie" you said and smiled. "I'm gonna miss you too sweetie" you said and placed a hand on your shoulder, "you better get going." "I'll help you over there princess" Justin said and took one of your suitcases. You the other by yourself and followed Justin. When you came there, you hugged Justin once more crying, "I love you." "I love you more my beautiful princess." He cried, you cried and Pattie cried as you walked towards the flight.

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