Christmas Love / a christmas imagine

A Justin Bieber Christmas imagine. For you. You can read it over and over again, every Christmas, but the dates won't fit next year to the week days. Well hope you like it:)


19. 19th December

19th December

You woke up and yawned. The school was closed and you didn't know what to do, so you decided to make a classic American brunch, with pancakes and so on. You got up and out of Justin's arms without waking him up. You smile at him and kissed his cheek. Before you walked downstairs you took a bath, found some new underwear, one pair of sweatpants and a tank top. Justin loved to sleep so he could sleep till 1 pm or something, so you had a lot of time to make breakfast. You found the things you needed and started cooking. Just as you was about to put it over at the table, someone took their arms around your waist and swung you around. "Morning princess" you heard Justin's raspy morning voice, say close to your ear, making you shudder. You smiled, "morning baby." "Whatcha making" he asked and sat down. "A classic American brunch" you giggled. "Yay" he exclaimed and looked hungry at me. You took the brunch over to the table and found some plates and so on. You sat down and you both started to eat. When you were done Justin looked you deeply in the eyes and was about to say something when Pattie came in and said totally fresh as a fish, "Good morning lovebirds, slept well." You both nodded and smiled. "It was an amazing brunch princess" he said, "I'll take these." He took the plates to the wash and then walked back to you, grabbing your hand. You followed him. He lead you to your room and closed the door. The two of you sat down on the bed. "So um..... there is something I wanna ask you about" Justin said nervously, scratching his neck. You looking at him, "go on." "So um if you don't want to it's okay and it's just a question, but I want you to be hornest. You really nee-" you cut him off, "what is it you wanna ask me about." "Um...... I was wondering, if you maybe, me and you, we..... Umm, If you would maybe go out on a date with me maybe" he said really nervous, looking down. "Well....................... I'd love to Justin" you exclaimed and hugged him really tight. After that you pulled away and kissed his beautiful, soft lips.


"Babe, would you please take some chips to me please" you heard Justin shout from the living room. You giggled and grabbed the chips bag. You walked into the living room with the bag and was about to walk back to the kitchen when Justin grabbed your arm, pulling you close into him. He hugged you big time and you could really feel all the love. "Would you please stay here with me baby" he asked pulling away. "I'd love to, but I gotta do something first" you said pecking his lips gentle. He kissed your forehead and let you go. "Love you" he shouted from the living room. "Love you too" you shouted back and found your computer, also known as MacBook. You logged into Skype and found your mom. Then you called her.

The rest of the day, you and Justin just relaxed, talked to your mom and Pattie and so on. It was really cozy.

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