Christmas Love / a christmas imagine

A Justin Bieber Christmas imagine. For you. You can read it over and over again, every Christmas, but the dates won't fit next year to the week days. Well hope you like it:)


18. 18th December

18th December

You turned around in the bed so you were facing him. He eyes was closed and he looked so peaceful. You just looked at that beautiful face of his. "Stop staring at me *Y/N* and go back to sleep" Justin murmured tired, with his eyes clothes. You blushed, "how did y-" he cut you off, "Shh now go to sleep." He sounded pretty tired. He just loved his sleep. "But I can't sle-" he cut you off, "Shh, go to sleep baby, at least let me sleep" he murmured and turned so he now lay on his stomach, with his head away from yours. "Oaky then" you said and stood up. You quietly walked to the kitchen and found a pail and filled it up with water, cold water. You slowly walked up stairs and into your room. You walked to the bathroom with the pail. "Justiin" you called. "Hmm" you heard him murmur. "Would you please help me to get this bra off" you asked. "Hmm" he murmured. You groaned and walked to the bed room again and you saw that he was asleep again. You took the pail with cold water and walked closer to the bed. You threw the cold water at Justin and ran down the stairs to hide somewhere. "WHO THE FUCK WAS THAT" you heard Justin shout from up stairs. You just acted like nothing happened and found something to eat. You saw Justin stand in the door frame looking really really really mad. "What happened" you asked sounding surprised. He giggled a fake giggle, "now don't act like nothing happened, I know it was you." "It wasn't me Justin" you said. You were bad at lying so your burst into laugher. "This ain't funny" he said serious, "I will make you pay for this." He walked upstairs again and you stopped laughing. You followed him upstairs and knocked on the door. "No" he said. You sighed, "I'm sorry Justin, I just couldn't help it." "Then maybe I shouldn't sleep here, maybe I should just move again then" he said. "What?!" You exclaimed, "just I didn't mean it like tha-" he cut you off, "just kidding baby." "You are a dead man Bieber" you said. "Come on in" he said. It wasn't even locked. You poked him in the stomach, "that wasn't funny Bieber." "We'll it wasn't funny when you decided to wake me up with pail full of cold water" he said and poked your stomach. "Okay yeah I see your point" you said and smile. "I gotta tell you something" Justin said and took your hand. He sat down and asked you to sit down next to him. "Okay..... So um....." he said and looked you in the eye. "I love you." "Aww I love you too Jussi" you said and his lips hit yours in a passionate kiss, with love.

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