Christmas Love / a christmas imagine

A Justin Bieber Christmas imagine. For you. You can read it over and over again, every Christmas, but the dates won't fit next year to the week days. Well hope you like it:)


17. 17th December

17th December

You woke up smiling, knowing Justin was your boyfriend now. Your relationship haven't changed since he asked you yesterday. You were still like best friends. His arms was wrapped around your waist and was even closer than before. It was so clear that he was in love with you. You were in love you with him too but none of you had said 'I love you' yet. You took away his arms and stood up. You slowly walked down the stairs and realized this wasn't your house. You ran up stairs and shook Justin till he woke up. "Justin where the fuck are we." "Um we're at Ryan's house, we didn't go home yesterday princess" he said and smiled. "But what about school" you ask and raise an eyebrow. "Its closed all week and then we will have winter break so...." he said and smiled, "come here and cuddle with me baby." You nodded and sat down on the bed. You laid your head on his chest and he wrapped an arm around you. You just enjoyed the silence till Ryan came running into the bedroom. "C'mon Justin you gotta see this chick, just across the street man" he exclaimed. "No man, I'm just cuddling with my girl" Justin said and smiled at you. You smiled back. "Well have fun" he said and winked. "Pervert" Justin shouted after him giggling, but he was already downstairs. You looked up at Justin with an raised eyebrow. "What" he asked and smiled. "Is that what you used your free time to, looking at chicks just across the street" you asked him and sat up. "No, I had a girlfriend back then and then I moved back to my mom." "Oh okay" you said and sat back down. You laid your head on his chest and he wrapped his arm around you. "What about we head home now baby" he asked and kissed your forehead. You nodded, "why not." "Okay you can borrow my clothes then I will just borrow some of Ryan's" he said and got up. He kissed your lips once and found his clothes, from yesterday. It wasn't dirty at all, it's like he came use the same clothes for a week and it won't get dirty. He smelled so good that It almost was impossible. You loved his smell and love to borrow some of his clothes. He came back with some of his clothes and some other clothes. "Thanks Jussy" you said and kissed his cheek. "Your welcome princess." You smiled and took the clothes. You looked like shit, but luckily you removed your make-up last night, with something you found in the bathroom. Ryan said you could borrow it. "Ready to go" he said when he had got some sweatpants and a hoodie on. You nodded and the two of you walked down the stairs. "We're gonna head home now bro" Justin said to Ryan. All the other went home yesterday. "It was nice to you again bro" Ryan said and the two of them hugged, not like a man hug, like a real hug. They pulled away and Ryan went over to me, "bye *Y/N* it was nice to meet you and now you promise to take good care of that kid." You smiled, "it was nice to meet you too Ryan and I will." He hugged you and then pulled away. "See ya" he said as you and Justin walked out of the door. You and Justin got into his car and Justin started to drive home. "Are you hungry baby" Justin asked you. You nodded, "yeah pretty much." "Okay then what do you wanna eat princess" he asked. "I don't know sweetie" you said and smiled. "Okay then I decide" he said and his eyes quickly moved over at me and then back on the road. The rest of the day, the two of you just had fun and relaxed.

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