Christmas Love / a christmas imagine

A Justin Bieber Christmas imagine. For you. You can read it over and over again, every Christmas, but the dates won't fit next year to the week days. Well hope you like it:)


16. 16th December

16th December

You and Justin were going to visit some of his friends. You weren't dating yet, so you didn't knew why he wanted you to meet them so badly. You looked at Justin. His eyes was locked on the road and his hands were on the steering wheel. He looked serious and focused. "Do they live far away Jussi" you asked. It was Monday, but your the school was closed because of something, you didn't know why, but it was closed so Justin decided that the two of you should visit his friends. "Not too far away sweetie" he said and smiled. "But where is it Justy" you asked him. "You have two nicknames for me you know, you have Jussi and Justy, it's kinda funny" he chuckled still with his eyes on the road. "No I think I've called you sweetie once" you said giggling. "Maybe" he said and smiled, "well I think it's in here." He pointed at a big white house. You smiled, "what is their names." "Um... Ryan, Chaz and Christian." You nodded, "okay." "I'll help your sweetie" he said and stroke your thigh. You looked up in his eyes smiling, "thanks." He kissed your forehead, "your welcome." "Let's go." You opened your door and got out. You waited for Justin and together you walked to the front door and knocked on the door. Some okay hot guys opened the door. But they will never beat Justin. "Hi who are you" was the first they said. "This is *Y/N*. She is um.... my kinda best friend it's hard to explain" Justin said, saving you. You looked at him and smiled great full. "Well hi bro" they said to Justin and they did their handshake kinda. "Come on inside *Y/N*" they said and forgot about Justin. "Come on Justin" you said and took Justin inside, with you. You and the other guys sat and talked, when Justin walked away. You wondered why, so you followed him. He walked to a room and locked it. You knocked on the door, "Justin what's wrong." You didn't get and answer. "Justin please let me in." You heard the door unlock and you walked inside. "Justin what's wrong" you asked him. "I shouldn't have taken you here I'm sorry, I knew this would happen, you don't talk to me nobody does. You stroke his back, "I love to talk to you, I'm sorry if I didn't talk to you, but you didn't say anything so I thought you maybe didn't care about anything I said." "Maybe I just overreacted" he said and smiled. "No you didn't, if your really jealous, it means that you really like me" you smiled. "I really do like you, not just like, like, more like kinda love." "Well I feel that way about you too Justin" you said and smiled. "*Y/N* do you wanna be my girl" he asked you. "Um yes of cause I'd love to" you exclaimed and kissed him with a lot of passion. "I'm glad to hear that princess" he said and pulled down on the floor. He went to lock the door. Then he sat down on top of you and started to kiss you with a lot of passion. Even though they were just on the other side, you made love to each other.

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