Christmas Love / a christmas imagine

A Justin Bieber Christmas imagine. For you. You can read it over and over again, every Christmas, but the dates won't fit next year to the week days. Well hope you like it:)


15. 15th December

15th December

"Morning Pattie" you said, when you walked into the the kitchen. "Morning sweetie" she said and smiled, "you slept well." You nodded and smiled, "yes thanks and you." She nodded as an answer. "Sweetie" she asked. "Yeah" you said, with your nose in the fridge, searching for something to eat. She walked up next to me and whispered in my ear, "Justin really likes you." "Really?!" you said and turned your head so you were facing Pattie. She nodded, "he told me that last night." You blushed and turned your head and found something to eat. "But, he said he wasn't ready yet" you said and sat down with your food. "Are you crazy he only said that to make you happy. He wasn't ready before he met you, but now he is believe me" she exclaimed and smiled. You smiled and looked down, "okay I need to tell you something, but promise me not to say anything to Justin okay." She nodded, "promise." You came closer to her and whispered into her ear, "some days ago I dreamed me and Justin, we were married and had kids. We were in a field, kissing while our kids ran around and played." "Awe" se exclaimed and hugged you. "Don't tell him" you warned and smiled. "Don't tell who" you heard Justin's voice. You turned around, " one." "Hm" he said and raised an eyebrow. "She is telling the truth sweetie" Pattie said and walked away, smiling at me and mimed 'you'll see' with her mouth. Then she was gone. "Um what was that about" Justin asked confused and looked at me. "Nothing Jussy, don't worry" you said and messed up his hair with your hand. "Oh my god, not my hair" he exclaimed and walked to a mirror, "it's all ugly now, thank you." "No it's not" you said and smiled, "and your welcome Jussy." "You know what you are" he asked, raising an eyebrow and came closer to me. "An innocent little girl" you giggled. He smiled and shook his head, "not even close. You are a naughty big girl." You smiled. "Your really inventive Jussy" you said said sarcastic, "it's just the opposite of what I said." He smiled, "yeah but I thought it before you said it." "Yeah right" you said sarcastic and smiled. "Believe me" he said and smiled a charming smile I couldn't resist. "Okay" you said and smiled. He laughed and looked at the ground, "*Y/N* there is something I gotta tell you, it's quite important." "Okay go on" you said and smiled. "Um..... This is pretty hard to say......... I.... Um... I really.... Really-" he got cuffed off by my phone rang. I found it and saw it was my mom. "Can you tell me after, it's my mom sweetie" you asked and smiled. He sighed. "Sorry Jussy" you said and kissed his cheek. You pressed answer. 

"Hi mom" you said.

"Hi sweetie, how are ya? Do you they take good care of you?" she asked.

"I'm wonderful and I love then being here, it's wonderful, I'm having so much fun with Justin and Pattie is really nice" you said and looked smiling over at Justin, who looked at the ground. 

"I'm glad to hear that sweetie" she said. 

"Sorry how are ya doing in Mexico" you asked.

"It's great here, the people are so sweet" she said.

"Mom I gotta go, Justin was about to tell me something when you called and it was quite important, I'll call you later" you said.

"Okay sweetie love you" she said.

"Love you too" you said and hung up. 

You walked over to Justin, "I'm so sorry Justin." "It's okay" he said and looked up. "Okay then tell me" you said and smiled. "Okay so the thing is that I really li-" he got cut off by Pattie, "I'm going out for a walk, do you wanna come." "Why is everyone interrupting me" Justin exclaimed annoyed and angrily away. "What's wrong" Pattie asked and looked at me. "I don't know, he was about to say something, then you came. And right before my mom called and interrupted him" you shrugged. "Oh my god I'm so sorry, I think he was about to tell you that he likes you" she exclaimed. "It's okay Pattie and I'm not sure he likes me" you said and smiled, "I'll go up and ask him if he wanna go for walk, wait here." She nodded and ran up stairs to his room. He didn't actually sleep in there, but he had one. You knew he was in there. "Justin can I come in" you knocked on the door. "Sure" you heard him say. You opened the door and closed it again. You saw him sitting on the bed with his head in his hands. You sat down next to him and stroke his back gentle, "what's wrong Justin." "Nothing, just forget about it, it's not that important, I will just get interrupted if I try to say it" he sighed. You walked over to the door and locked it. You turned off yours and Justin's phone off, then you sat back down next to him. "What do you wanna tell me Justin, it is important, I could see on you that it was important, now say it" you said and stroke his back. He sighed and sat up again. You smiled at him. He took a deep breath in,"sincethefirsttimeisawyouihavelikedyouandyourtheprettieatgirlintheuniversandithinkiamfallingforyaithinkiminlovewithyou." He talked so fast that you didn't get anything of what he said. You nodded, "can you say that again Jussy." "Um... I really like you and I think I might be falling for ya, I think I'm in love with you *Y/N*" he said and looked into my eyes. His heart melting eyes. "Then she was right" you said and smiled. "Who was right" he asked confused. "Pattie, she told me that you liked me and I didn't believe it" you exclaimed happily and looked at him. Maybe you could tell him about the dream now. Why not? "You know what Justin" you asked. He shook his head. "A few days ago I had a dream about you and me. We were married. We were at a field, kissing. And there was kids running around. It was our kids" you told him and smiled. He smiled, "I have those too." You kissed his cheek, "I think I'm falling for you too Justin, I can't help it." His smile just grew even bigger and suddenly he crashed his lips onto mine in a passionate kiss. You kissed for a while until you heard someone knocking on the door. Justin went to unlock the door. He opened it and you saw Pattie stand, as that small woman she is. "Hi you two, did you want to go for that walk" she asked and smiled. You and Justin nodded. The smiles on your face just couldn't disappear. 

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