Commando of the Merciful

Parker is a girl/guy (I couldn't deside on bl or not so use your imagination) who has been friends with a lead singer of a famous band. When Parker agrees to go with on the tour with the singer what will happen?


1. Commando Of The Merciful

"Have you heard?"

"Heard what?"

"This new band called Commando Of The Merciful."

"Nope, what do they play?"

"Rock, screamo, alternative, pop anything really."

"Oh cool-"


I hear these conversations all the time.  From preps, to geeks, to nerds to outcasts like me.  Commado Of The Merciful rings into my head.  So many people now "love them" that they don't even know that it's not a new band. 


People look up to the lead singer, Damon.  People try to act like him, dress like him, and even copy his hair cut.  Girls, who have just heard of them a year ago, say how they loves him and wishes to marry him.  Both girls and guys fling themselves at him.  But people seem to not understand him at all.


Before he was world famous, we used to hang out.  We where best friends.  Nothing and no one could be able to separate us besides this one thing.  A contract.  A contract that he was wishing for since we where nine.  He signed, along with his band three years later.  At the age of fourteen he became an idol.  A real hit with the ladies. 


It soon came clear.  He was changing.  He was changing into something that he promised he would never become.  He broke that promise soon enough.  I couldn't even believe it!  Although he changed we were still very good friends.  He always calls me, more than expected now-a-days.


Whenever he calls me, he only talks about the girls and guys he has hooked up with.  It's like he wants to prove something to me.  Show me something.  Make a point about how much better he is than most people.  Sometimes I even get tired of our conversations and tell him I have to go.  A part of me says, "Good for him." and another part of me gets a little jealous.  Although he has some bad qualities, Im still happy for him.  I have to be.


One day he called me.


"Yo, Parker!" He said.  His voice was loud and abnoxous as usual.

"Hey." I said.

"Haven't seen you in a while!  You want to come on tour with us?  It would only be a week." His voice sounded chipper saying these words.

"I don't know."

"Come on!" Damon whined, It'll be fun!

I paused for a while thinking before I said, "Fine."

"Ok I will pick you up at 9p.m!" He said, speaking quickly before hanging up.

I sighed and hung up the phone.


I packed my stuff before I forgot.  I've always have had a bad memory.  I packed about four or five shirts and a couple pairs of jeans.  A toothbrush, paste, brush, phone charger, and ds3 was packed lightly into my back pack.


I plopped down on the couch.  This was going to be a long week.



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