Perrie Louise Edwards.

Amber couldn't wait for her sister to come home from her world tour. She hadn't seen Perrie in ages, and she hardly spoke to her. She loved meeting up with the rest of Little Mix because she always had fun. She had also heard that her sister had just got serious with a member of Amber's favourite band. One directions Zayn. But what happens when Amber confesses that she loves Zayn and can't contain herself around him.


1. Final Show.

"THANK YOU LA!" Jesse yelled before before we made our way off stage. We quickly ran into the dressing room and lay flat on the floor. "I am shattered.." I muttered into the carpet. That was the last show of our eight month tour, and now I was going to get to go home and see my little sister Amber. She texted me all the time but we never really had any prober time to talk. She is only two years younger than me, but she acts older sometimes. I've really missed her and I couldn't wait to see her. I also couldn't wait to see Zayn. He had been on your with the boys too, and we rearly spoke. But some nights he would call me up so he could say I love you and tuck me in on the phone with his singing. I was so exited to see him again. And Amber was finally going to get to meet him to. She loved one direction and her soft spot was Niall, so she was extatic when I told her about me and Zayn.

Leigh-Anne helped me back up and handed me my normal clothes. "The quicker you get changed, the quicker we can get back on the plane." Jade called from across the room, who was already removing make up from her face. I made my way over to my own little room that was put there for me to get ready and hurried to change into my comfy jeans. "PERRIE!" Jesse shouted from outside the door. "HURRY UP! THE FLIGHT IS LEAVING EARLY!" She demanded. I doubled my speed and was soon out the room and plonked in front of a mirror, wiping awake my make up. All the other girls were ready before me as usual, but I finally rubbed off the last bit of endless eyeliner and slipped my converse shoes on. I grabbed my bag and threw my hoddie I round me. "Let's go." Leigh-Anne said, motioning towards the door. We all piled out and made our way to the black limo outside. We jumped in, taking no notice of the screaming girls and the limo moved straight away. We were all just laughing and joking when my phone buzzed. A text off Zayn. I opened it and read it. 'Hey babe! Hope your last show was awesome! Can't wait to see you tomorrow, I'll actually get to say I love you in person for the first time in a long time! See you tomorrow, Zayn.. Xxxxxxx p.s I Love You!!' "How cute!" Said Jade who was spying over my shoulder.

We were soon at the airport and waiting for our flight. We were traveling on a normal, everyday plane since our manager was being cheep. We boarded along with a lot of other people, getting spotted by a few. We sighed a few things before we sat down, ready to take off. It was then I realised how tired I really was, so I lay my head on Jessy's shoulder and dreamed about Zayn... Like always.

"Perrie!" Jessy whipsered, trying to bring me back to the surface of reality. I wasn't having it though. I wanted to stay in my dreams forever! But, I felt Jessy lean into my ear and I knew what was coming. "PERRIE!" She screamed. I jumped up and hit my head on the luggage holder above my head. "I'm up!"

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