Something Great<3

Zoey has kept a low profile her whole life. She's smart and can easily make friends. Living in California has been the best thing in her life. She's met some amazing people and found herself floating in the pool of love. Will she be able to keep her low profile? Will she be able to succeed in love? Read and find out :)


14. Mysterious Boy.

Zoey's POV:

After we left Niall's we went back to Harry's house. I wanted to surprise Louis. Okay that's not truth I just wanted to cause trouble. When we got there I ran inside and jumped on the couch where he just happened to be laying down on. He groaned and sat up with me in his lap. 

"Zoey?" He moaned.

"Hi Lou." I giggled.

"What are you doing here?" He asked.

"Came to cause trouble." I laughed.

He pushed me off of him then walked to the kitchen and got a glass of water. I sat on the couch and started looking around the room. It seemed so plain to be Harry's and Louis's house. I shrugged it off and got up. 

"I'll be back later." I said before leaving. I knew if I stayed a moment later after saying that Harry would have told me to stay. I probably would have too. I wanted to find Zayn though. I drove to the bar that got me and Angie sick. I walked inside and looked around. In the corner of my eye I saw him. He was at the bar getting hit on by some girls. He looked irritated. I walked over to them and the girls looked me up and down. Then went back to trying to get in his pants.

"Do you mind staying off my boyfriend's dick?!" I hissed. They all looked at me all wide eyed even Zayn looked surprised. 

"Excuse me?" One said.

"Boyfriend?" The other hissed.

"Yeah boyfriend. Can't you hear?" I sassed. A smile appeared across Zayn's face.

"I don't believe someone ugly like you can get someone hot like him." She hissed.

Without saying anything Zayn moved forward and kissed my lips. I was just as surprised as the girls were. Then he stood up and wrapped his arm around me. We walked out of the bar like that. The girls were having a cow. 

"Thanks." He said before kissing my cheek.

"Where are you going?" I asked.

"Home." He smiled and started walking away.

"Bye!" I yelled after him.

I will never understand Zayn's motives. I don't think I will ever fully understand Zayn period. I shrugged it off and walked to Alexy's car. I have to take this back to her, plus it just gave me an excuse to hang with them some more.

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