Something Great<3

Zoey has kept a low profile her whole life. She's smart and can easily make friends. Living in California has been the best thing in her life. She's met some amazing people and found herself floating in the pool of love. Will she be able to keep her low profile? Will she be able to succeed in love? Read and find out :)


8. Hospitals..

Niall's POV:

I really hated hospitals. Their food sucks, not to mention their seats are very uncomfortable. Zoey was moved to a room upstairs so we were all in there waiting for her to wake up. I just couldn't stop thinking about what would have happened if Liam didn't show up when he did. I groaned and moved anxiously around the room.
"Niall will you please sit down, you're making me nervous!" Harry snipped at me. 
I made a face but sat down just as he asked. Louis was asleep with his head laying on Liam's shoulder. He was also asleep. Zayn was outside smoking. Harry and I seemed to be the only ones awake. Tom and Jerry was playing in the background. It's one of Zoey's favorite cartoons. I wonder what's going through her head right now. I groaned again. 

~Inside Zoey's Dream~

Pick one! Pick one! No! Leave me alone! The voices grew louder and louder. Why are they being so mean to me? I couldn't pick one of them! I don't even have feelings for them like I? No! No! 
Who's there? 
"Hey Zoe...can you hear me?" 

~Back to Reality~

Harry's POV:

"Zoe...." I whispered near her ear. "Hey Zoe....can you hear me?"
I didn't like seeing her like this. I wanted my Zoe back. I kissed her forehead and brushed the hair away from her face. Even like this she looks so much like an angel. 
"Harry wanna come find Zayn with me?" Niall asked. 
I could tell he was anxious. I nodded and we headed out the room. It seemed like we were waiting forever on the elevator to come up to us. When it opened Zayn was there leaning against the wall. He smirked at us then walked out.

Zoey's POV:

Everything was blurry. I flickered my eyes opened adjusting to lights. I sat up in the hospital bed groaning in pain. My head still hurt a lot but at least I was awake and away from those horrible voices. I mean I don't have feelings for any of them like that. Right? I looked around to see Liam and Louis fast asleep. 
"Look who's awake." I turned my head to see Zayn's cocky smile.
"Zoe!" Harry ran to me.
"Zoe!" Niall ran to me.
The both looked me up and down. I could see they were relived that I was awake.
"You promised..." I could see the hurt in Harry's eyes.

A/N Sorry for the short chapter guys :c I need another best friend for Zoey, any takers? Just write your name below! And if you haven't yet go check out my story Too Beautiful, It's a different story than what I have been writing! It's not just an One Direction FanFic, there's other celebs! Plus in the near future I'm going to be starting a story that isn't Fanfiction at all! It'll be called Monster? and I was wondering if any of you would like to be in it? Just comment your name and if you want to be in it also put Monster? so I don't get them confused. :) I love you all!

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