Something Great<3

Zoey has kept a low profile her whole life. She's smart and can easily make friends. Living in California has been the best thing in her life. She's met some amazing people and found herself floating in the pool of love. Will she be able to keep her low profile? Will she be able to succeed in love? Read and find out :)


3. "Feelings"?!

Zoey's POV:

The boys had left a few hours ago so once again I was alone. I didn't mind being alone sometimes though. It was nice to stop and think about things. I heard my phone going off so I quickly answered it hoping it was one of the boys but instead it was Angie.
"Hello?" I answered.
"Hey girly!" Angie said in her normal happy voice.
"What's up Angie?" 
"Drinking away my hangover." She laughed. "How about you, miss I have hunks who save me when I'm wasted."
"Oh god." I laughed. "Do you remember anything I said last night?" 
"Why don't you check your recorder, doll?" She giggled. "I gotta go I see a five star hunk staring at me."
Before I could even say goodbye she had hung up. I shook my head and laughed before heading to my bedroom. I searched my pockets of my outfit last night and finally found the recorder. I sat on my couch and stared at it debating if I wanted to know the embarrassing things I said or not. Finally I worked up the courage to hit play..


"Annnnngiiiiie!" I giggled. I cuffed her face in my hands and kissed her red lips. As I pulled away we both started laughing as the guys around us were cheering for more. I felt someone touch my shoulder, I looked over and noticed a guy. He was older way older.
"Hey babe how about you give me one of those kisses." He winked at me.
"No way!" I laughed standing up wobbling. 
"Why not babe?" He looked offended.
"Because there is only five guys that I would ever kiss and you aren't even close to their level."
He pulled me by my arm closer to him.
"Back off jerk!" I pushed him with my weak drunken arms. "Don't make me call my sexy muscles!"
"Oh! Call him Zo!!" Angie cheered on.
"Tell us about these guys then." The pretty bartender said.
I pulled my arm away from the man and sat back down.
"Well the blonde one is a major heartthrob, whenever I look into his blue eyes my heart melts." I giggled. "My muscle man would make any girl fall in love, I feel like a school girl whenever I see him with his shirt off." The girls squealed. "Then there is my curls, every time I hug him my heart races out of my chest like I've fallen in love for the first time."
"Don't forget Skater boy and Tattoos!" Angie giggled downing another drink.
"Oh my I could never forget about my skater boy, he's the silliest and funniest boy to be around. I could just picture how amazing he could be to kiss." I giggled taking another drink. "And Tattoos, well he's mysterious and distant which makes me want to get closer to him. I wanna find every secret about him so there's nothing left standing between us." 
"Ohhh Zo, speaking of muscles!" Angie said pointing at my phone which was lighting up from a text. 
From: Muscles(:
Hey Zoe bear, I wanted to tell you that we're back!
"They're back!" I squealed like a little girl.
"Call them!" Angie downed another drink cheering me on.
I dialed Liam's number foolishly. It rang about two times before he picked up.
"Hello?" He answered with his sweet accent lingering in my ears.
"Muscles!" I giggled.
"Zoe.....are you drunk?" 
"Maybe! But that's not important! I want my strong sexy man!" I giggled.
Angie was giggling and giving me the thumbs up.
"Zoe what bar are you at?"
"Saints!" Angie yelled in my phone while I giggled.
I think it took them an hour to get to the bar and by then we were on the dance floor. When I'm with Angie we always end up drunk and dancing dirty. All of a sudden I felt arms around me. I looked over my shoulder to see blonde hair. I turned and jumped on him. He looked surprise at this. I hugged him tightly. I looked behind him to see Liam.
"Muscles!" I screamed before going back to my hug with Niall. "I love you Ni-ni!"
My forehead was against his and stared into his eyes. Then my lips smashed against his and as I pulled away he set me down shocked with what I had just done. I turned around and pulled Liam's face down to mine and kissed him as well.
"You go girl!" Angie giggled cheering me on. 
"Time for you to go home..." Niall said scratching his head.
"Will you guys stay with me please?" I begged.
"Of course Zoe." Liam smiled at me.
"Will you sleep with me Ni-ni?" I looked at Niall.
"Sure Zo." He smiled.

~End of Flashback~

I sat back on my couch and slapped my hand on my forehead not believing what I said last night. I can't believe I kissed them. I fell down on the couch staring at my phone. All of a sudden someone was knocking on my door, so I jumped up and answered it to see Harry. 
"Hazza..." I mumbled with a soft smile plastered on my face. 
"Zoey." He embraced me in one of his amazing hugs. "So Angie told me about last night." He said pulling away laughing. I felt my face getting hot. 
"What did she say exactly?" I asked shutting the door and jumping onto my counter. 
"My curls, every time I hug him my heart races out of my chest like I've fallen in love for the first time." He smiled wrapping his arms around me letting my legs hang around his waist. 
"Oh god..." I felt my face getting even hotter. I wrapped my arms around his neck and buried my head in his shoulder. 
"Is this why we haven't seen you drunk?" He whispered in my ear. 
"I'm not myself when I'm drunk..." I mumbled.
"You know what they say, the truth comes out when people are drunk." He winked at me.
"I don't believe that." I giggled.
"Well anyways." He laughed stepping away from me. "I'm suppose to ask you to come to dinner with me, uh we're meeting the guys." 
"Okay then I'll go get ready." I smiled jumping off the counter and walking to my bedroom.


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