Something Great<3

Zoey has kept a low profile her whole life. She's smart and can easily make friends. Living in California has been the best thing in her life. She's met some amazing people and found herself floating in the pool of love. Will she be able to keep her low profile? Will she be able to succeed in love? Read and find out :)


5. Dirty Dancing.

Zoey's POV:

I sat at the bar downing drink after drink trying to drown my problems. Angie grabbed my arm and pulled me out onto the dance floor. We were grinding on each other causing guys to whistle at us and try to get us to grind on them. I felt two arms wrapped around me from behind. He put his hands on my waist as my body was very close to his. I turned my head to see a familiar face. My eyes widened and I turned my whole body around.
"Z-Zayn?" I muttered stunned to see him here.
"Why are you here Zoey?" Even his voice sounded distant. 
"I'm here with Angie...." I mumbled before he took me by the hand and pulled me over to the bar. He ordered a drink for him and one for me. 
"Oh my it's Tattoos! That's a surprise to see!" Angie said wobbling over to us. She was right though it was a surprise to find Zayn here. 
"Tattoos?" He questioned her.
"Oh that's what Zoe refers to you when she's drunk." She giggled.
"Angie!" My face warmed up a lot.
Zayn looked down at me with a smirk on his face. As soon as the bartender gave us our drinks I downed mine. He watched me intently which made me very nervous.
"I think I should go home...." I muttered. I was very sick to my stomach all of a sudden. As soon as I turned around I heard screams coming from the dance floor. I ran over to see Angie on the ground. I bent down and took her into my arms.
"Angie?! Angie!" I gently shook her trying to wake her up.
"Let's take her to the ER." He said lifting her out of my arms. I nodded and we headed out of the club to his car. Being around him like this made me very nervous. We pulled up to the hospital and he carried her inside while I followed close behind. I was feeling very nausea now. I groaned at the pain in my stomach. 
"I'll be back..." I mumbled but I don't think he heard me. I walked into the bathroom and felt my legs give out. I crawled over to the toilet and threw up. After a few minutes I stumbled back to my feet and splashed my face with some water. After I made sure I looked fine I walked back out to the lobby. 
"Zoe!" I felt a warm embrace wrapping around my weak body.
"Harry...." I muttered. 
"Are you okay?" He asked.
"Yes I'm fine. I promise!" I gave him a soft smile. 
"Harry! Zoey!" I looked behind him to see the other three boys. Gee thanks Zayn.
"You look a bit pale Zo..." Niall mumbled giving me a soft hug.
"Yeah are you alright?" Liam said taking my face in the palms of his hands.
"Yes don't worry about me." I stuck my tongue out at them.
We walked over to Zayn and waited for the doctor to tell us about Angie. I must have fallen asleep because I felt someone gently shaking me. When I opened my eyes I noticed I had been snuggled up to Louis. 
"Zoe...Zoe..." Harry tried to get my attention.
"Yeah?" I finally answered.
"The doctor said that Angie was drugged at the club. Are you sure you're alright?" He said putting his forehead against mine.
"Yes nothing to worry about I promise...." I lied. 
They drove me home after the doctor said that they were going to do a few tests so she had to stay. She didn't like that idea but it was tough shit. Niall walked me to my door but before I went inside he grabbed my hand.
"Zoe....If you get sick call me....." He pulled me into a hug. I could tell that the boys were very worried about me. I didn't like making them worry so much. 

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