The Black Bird *Black Butler 2 fanfic*


2. Meeting Them

I walked down into the Cellar.  Old bottles of whine where shattered over the ground.  The shelves in which held the old bottles where full of cobwebs that were thickly sewn.  I tried to move away from the cobwebs but every time I did I just ended up going into another one.


I heard a loud screech before falling to the ground.  The bird's screeches burned my ears and made them ring loudly.  The bird flew towards my head.  I looked up terrified.  Before I knew it a tall man was standing in front of me.  His eyes were a deep crimson and his hair was jet black.  He stood there looking at me and took a step forward while I scooted back.


I scrambled to my feet and backed away consciously, and bumped into someone else.  This time it was a boy around his teen years.  His eyes where also crimson but somehow lighter and livelier than the other man's.  With both entrances blocked I panicked.  My heart thumped hard in my chest and I could feel all my blood almost stop within my veins.  I stood there frozen for a moment and than  I stepped away from the boy.  I was about an equal amount of space away from both of them.


"What are you doing here?" The livelier eyed boy said.  His dark black-ish blue hair slightly covering his showing eye.  The other however was hidden.


I didn't answer his question.


"Are you here alone?"  The duller eyed man said.


Again, I didn't answer.  I didn't want to say 'yes I'm alone.'  Or even mention the fact that I come here often.  I didn't want them to know about me coming here.  So after a few moments I answered with, "It's no one's business if I come here often.  Or if I'm here alone."


The lighter eyed of the two chuckled a bit.  The black haired one smiled.  Their facade of sweetness was uncovered by my feelings.  I knew that there was something different about them.  Before one of them could speak up again I quickly looked to the younger of the two and said, "I'm leaving now.  So please.  Move."  I said it as sternly and pleasantly as I could.  But in my mind and my heart I could feel myself grow weak with fear.


"Certainly." He said. 


He shifted to the left as I walked on the right.  I walked quickly but not to quickly.  I don't know what I wanted to show.  Maybe that I wasn't scared of them.  Or that I didn't feel fear around them.  But I knew that they could feel my feelings too.  A part of me just knew.

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