What the...?! (Harry Styles FanFic)

Cataleya is your average 18 yrs. old sophomore in East Morphou University, blue-eyed lady with a small snowflake birthmark that everyone, I MEAN EVERYONE finds weird and unusual. Her parents died in a horrible fire accident, she was at school that day and didn't even had a good farewell to her loving creators. The birthmark is the source of a special "talent" since birth, from then on, she and her sisters put walls to avoid everyone and live normally yet it didn't came true

Harold, or his friends & family call him, Harry is your not-that-rich 18 yrs. old heartthrob, green-eyed freshman of EMU. He and his brothers have identical cross tattoo on their ankles and a weird birthmark, which is his initial on his wrist.

As Leya packs her things up to leave chemistry class, she met a freshman of EMU. Will this change her and her sisters' life and living? Will it be a happy ending?

(A/N: Sorry if the prologue isn't as good as it looks guys... hope you can support this story. <3 –DJG19)


4. The Meet Up...

Edward's POV




I'm so late! I got carried away cuz I met my past childhood friend that I moved but now here again & we catch up on things & now I'm friggin' late!


I run to chemistry class (A/N: again– LOL ^-^) & I bumped into someone


"Sorry, sorry" she mumbled while picking up her things then when she stood up, I saw her beautiful face with red hypnotizing eyes


"H-hi" I stuttered, nice move Edward, nice move!


"Hi~" she said sweetly said and smiled, so warm~


"I'm Tara, Katara Nielson" she extended her hand out for a shake


"Ed, Edward Miller" I shook her hand and smiled warmly which she returned joyfully


The bell rang the 2nd time, referring class is almost starting


"I gotta get to class" she said and fixed herself "Bye" she said, waved and walked off


"Bye" I waved back


After 2nd, 3rd, & 4th periods


RIIIIIIIIIINGGG!!! Lunch time rang...


I texted Marcel and Harry to meet up in the café


About 5 mins. later while we're in the café, I saw Katara enter the café with 2 other girls, one in a blue bonnet & another in a messy bun tied up by a green band


"I'm just gonna check somethin' out" I said to my brothers but my eyes are glued to Katara


"Go get her, tiger" Haz sort of 'encourage' me and gave me a thumbs up


"Shut up" I said and went to Katara's table




"Hey" I waved at her


"Hi" she waved back and offered the space for me to sit next to her which I agreed to fully


"Edward, right?" she asked ad I sit down


"Yeah :) Katara?"


"Yup" she answered full of proudness


Then the bonnet girl whispered something to the girl in a messy bun, I don't know what they talked about but the girl in a bun mouthed 'I don't know' to the bonnet girl


"Would you mind to introduce me to your friends?" I asked gesturing to the people who cared to accompany her here and she just giggled


"They aren't my friends. They are my sisters" she explained then the 2 girls looked at me


"Hi~" they both said


"Hey, your like-" then the bonnet girl smacked the girl in a messy bun by the arm so she can't continue what she was saying -3-


"Shush sis!" the bonnet whisper-yell


"I know, I know" messy bun whisper-yell back


"Sorry, what were you saying?" I asked looking at them both


"N-nothing" she said stuttering (messy bun)


"By the way, I'll introduce you to them" Katara quickly said


After she introduced me to them, I knew that the one in a bonnet hiver is Cataleya AKA Leya and the girl in a bun is Katniss AKA Kat...


"Do you want to meet my brothers???" I suggested to them. Tara looked at her sisters for approval...


"Yeah... sure, it'll be lovely"


"Be Right Back~"



Harry's POV


Ed came running back


"Cómo estás? Cómo fue, mi hermano?" I asked


"Shut it with your spanish and listen" he said through gritted teeth. We held up our hands in surrender position


"Come with me, the 2 of you and let's meet the triplets" he strictly said


"W-wait... we're the triplets, right?" Marcel asked


"Freshmen triplets" he explained & pulled our sleeves






(A/N: Hey Lovies, another chapter in What The...?. Please comment for the improvement or your opinion about my story to make it better. Thanks and lots of love! <3   -DJG19)

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