What the...?! (Harry Styles FanFic)

Cataleya is your average 18 yrs. old sophomore in East Morphou University, blue-eyed lady with a small snowflake birthmark that everyone, I MEAN EVERYONE finds weird and unusual. Her parents died in a horrible fire accident, she was at school that day and didn't even had a good farewell to her loving creators. The birthmark is the source of a special "talent" since birth, from then on, she and her sisters put walls to avoid everyone and live normally yet it didn't came true

Harold, or his friends & family call him, Harry is your not-that-rich 18 yrs. old heartthrob, green-eyed freshman of EMU. He and his brothers have identical cross tattoo on their ankles and a weird birthmark, which is his initial on his wrist.

As Leya packs her things up to leave chemistry class, she met a freshman of EMU. Will this change her and her sisters' life and living? Will it be a happy ending?

(A/N: Sorry if the prologue isn't as good as it looks guys... hope you can support this story. <3 –DJG19)


5. The Intersection of Triplets

Harry's POV


Once we got to the table of the triplets Ed was talking about, their backs are faced to us. They we're talking about something, all we here is mumbling


"Sorry, for the delay, Nielsons" Ed said


"Nielsons???" both (Me and Mar) of us said in confusion


"It's o–" the bonnet said and stopped once she turned and saw our faces


"YOU!!!" I shouted, the other two was still in a conversation


"What does he mea–" what happened to the bonnet girl also happened to this girl in a messy bun


"YOU!!!" I shouted....................again


"Why are you alike?!?!?!" I panicked, are they aliens? clones?!


"NO! Why are you alike?!" the bonnet asked gesturing to us


"We're triplets, obviously!" Mar shouted


"Seriously?!" the girls exclaimed quite..... loudly. ed hit the table that made us quiet as midnight


"Yes, now please shut your mouths with your shouting cuz you're making a scene" he said sternly


We all mumbled our sorry's to each other


"We're here to know each other, ok?! NOT... I repeat, NOT to shout at each other, got it?" Ed said while sitting beside the girl with red eyes. I sat beside the bonnet girl cuz she's the one who gave me the tour last time and I can't wait to know much about her now. Marcel sat beside the girl in a messy bun, a cute couple is what I see when he sat beside her, how I wish it'll come true


(A/N: This is the part where i will compile the conversations of the triplets)



~Harleya Moment~


"Hi, I'm Harold Miller" extends his hand for a genuine shake


"Leya, Cataleya Nielson" she shook it


"What are your hobbies?" he asked after a while of silence


"Reading stories, playing badminton, volleyball, checkers & piano, yours?"


"Almost the same, badmin, volleyball, and piano"


(A/N: I don't know if Harry reads stories as much as Leya here or plays checkers, so it's quite embarassing cuz I'm an extraordinHARRY. Comment the answer for help. Thanks)


"What do you mean?"


"Cuz I play the kazoo for youuu~" he sang & winked at the end with a cheeky smile


She blushed bright


and he kissed her hand


when suddenly she didn't noticed that she showed him something amazing...


Edara Moment


"Since we know each other..." he started


"May you keep a secret?" she jumped in




And she showed him fire, actual fire at the tip of her fingers.


He was so amazed that he wanted to touch it


but she blew it away and asked  "Promise you'll keep it hidden?"


"Promise, but 1 question. How is that possible?"


"The red gem in the center of my birthmark, it was there since I was born"


"Where is it?"


She held his hand... and asked "Is it ok to warm it up?"


"Why?" he asked confused


"The gem will lose it's power for a specific time, base on how cold the object who touched it" she explained yet he looks confused


"If the object that touched it is -10°F, I'll lose my powers for 30 min., -20°F for an hour, and onwards. But, if an object is -600°F, I'll lose my power permanently & may die" she further explained while looking at his concerned and terrified face


"Warm it up if it's for your good" he said and smiled at her reassuringly


She smiled back and rubbed her hands furiously together and a red fire-like light appeared in her palms, she gave him an assuring nod and he out his hand between her palms. A minute later, she brought his hand to her nape to let him feel her Fire Gem at the center of her heart birthmark and she asked "Feel it?"


"Yeah..." and he pulled his hand back and smiled to her "I'll protect you" he continued


Her hair had fire tips when he said that and her face is blushing brightly




Karcel Moment


"I'll introduce myself, I'm Marcel, Marcel Miller"


"Katniss Nielson, but you can call me Kat"


"What's your favorite subject?" he quickly said


"Umm... it's–"


"Sorry if I'm a geek" he cut her off


 "It's fine, you're cute anyway"


He blushed


"Where was I? Oh yes- my favourite subject is Science"


"Ohh~ what branch?"


"My love for astronomy won't change, but I'm eager to learn about the other branches"


"Ohhhh~! Mine is chemistry"


"Ah~ love it?" then she chuckled


"Haha" he laughed sarcastically and rolled his eyes "but yeah I do love it" then moments later, his expresion changed from contentment to confusion


"What's that?" he asked


"What's what?"


"Underneath us, I know it's tiles, not-"




"Yeah... not soil~" he looked down confused and came back up with an amazed face


"Don't worry, I did that. You won't get in trouble" & she called Leya to wash away the soil then Tara to dry the tiles


"H-how?" he stuttered asking


She pulled his hand and put it on her nape to make him feel a rough thing


"What's this?" he asked feeling it via his fingertips


"Earth Gem of Yue Kingdom"


"I see~"


"Can you please keep it hidden from society as secured as possible?"


He nodded and gave her an assuring smile



(A/N: So there is it Lovies, Chapter 4 with compiled Point of Views. Comment for your opinions for the improvement of my writing skills and this story... thanks! Lots of love <3   -DJG19)

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