What the...?! (Harry Styles FanFic)

Cataleya is your average 18 yrs. old sophomore in East Morphou University, blue-eyed lady with a small snowflake birthmark that everyone, I MEAN EVERYONE finds weird and unusual. Her parents died in a horrible fire accident, she was at school that day and didn't even had a good farewell to her loving creators. The birthmark is the source of a special "talent" since birth, from then on, she and her sisters put walls to avoid everyone and live normally yet it didn't came true

Harold, or his friends & family call him, Harry is your not-that-rich 18 yrs. old heartthrob, green-eyed freshman of EMU. He and his brothers have identical cross tattoo on their ankles and a weird birthmark, which is his initial on his wrist.

As Leya packs her things up to leave chemistry class, she met a freshman of EMU. Will this change her and her sisters' life and living? Will it be a happy ending?

(A/N: Sorry if the prologue isn't as good as it looks guys... hope you can support this story. <3 –DJG19)


2. Illusion or Real? (Part 1)

Harry's POV


"Thanks anyway, curly" she took the can and smiled "and, sorry, do I know you?" wait— what does she mean 'if she knows me'? Of course she does!


"Yeah, you do. You gave me a tour in the school like 45 mins. ago" I sad, smiling at the end yet she still looks so confused


"What do you mean? I didn't gave you a tour earlier. Maybe it's my—"


"It's you! Haven't you remembered?"


"Actually, n—" suddenly her phone rang...


"Excuse me" I gave her a reassuring smile then she turned & answered her phone


"Hey sissy, Qué pasa?" Is she spanish? She doesn't look like one

"Oh, kk"

"YEAH! I'll head home!!! Patience is necessary, no?"

"Fine, fine. Tell sissyo I'll be there soon"


Then she turned to me & said "Really sorry for bumping earlier, but I need to go home now. Thanks for helping me gather it up" after that, she walked away


"Wait a minute"




"Are you wearing contact lenses?" she just giggled


"Of course not!" she respond shocked and continued walking home


"oh... ok, be careful. Bye" I waved, she turned & waved back and I head home


~Why is her eyes green?~



Katniss' POV


I took a sneak snap of his face while he's picking up the rest of the groceries, he is so handsome!


After 5 mins. of walking


"I'm home sisahs" I shouted as I kick open the door after I twisted the key in the lock


"Hey sis" they both said


"How's the grocery?" Katara asked


"Fine aaand I bumped to a handsome guy before you guys called" I said dropping the grocery by the coffee table in front of her


"Who is it?" Cataleya asked as she walked in the living room at the same time handing me a glass of water. I shrugged and said


"I don't know his name but I took a pic of him" I showed them my phone. They both loooked at it and grinned


"DAMN!!!" Katara fanned herself with her hand, quite too dramatically


"I saw him earlier, I gave him a school tour about an hour ago" Cataleya explained


"Aahhh... that's why he looked really confused I didn't recognize him when we intersected"


"He doesn't know we're......" Katara started "TRIPLETS" we said in unison & laughed our heads off


Our boring day passed by, we ate chicken alfredo for dinner that Cataleya made. We prepared ourselves for bed


Another day, another..... oh I don't know, meh




(A/N: Sorry if it's short, I decided to divided what happened in Cataleya's home and Harry's home. Just tune in for part 2 of chapter 2. Anyways, leave a comment and follow me. Lots of love! <3 -DJG19)

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