What the...?! (Harry Styles FanFic)

Cataleya is your average 18 yrs. old sophomore in East Morphou University, blue-eyed lady with a small snowflake birthmark that everyone, I MEAN EVERYONE finds weird and unusual. Her parents died in a horrible fire accident, she was at school that day and didn't even had a good farewell to her loving creators. The birthmark is the source of a special "talent" since birth, from then on, she and her sisters put walls to avoid everyone and live normally yet it didn't came true

Harold, or his friends & family call him, Harry is your not-that-rich 18 yrs. old heartthrob, green-eyed freshman of EMU. He and his brothers have identical cross tattoo on their ankles and a weird birthmark, which is his initial on his wrist.

As Leya packs her things up to leave chemistry class, she met a freshman of EMU. Will this change her and her sisters' life and living? Will it be a happy ending?

(A/N: Sorry if the prologue isn't as good as it looks guys... hope you can support this story. <3 –DJG19)


1. How We Met...

Cataleya's POV


*RIIIIIIIIIING!!!* Dismissal time, finally!


I fixed my stuff from the desk of my wooden arm chair while others are leaving chemistry class when somebody tapped my shoulder. I turned to look at the handsome, curly-haired boy in front of me


"Umm... Hi~" he said. DAMN! He does have mesmerizing.......... majestic.......... green..... eyesss~~~ wait... WHAT?! I zoned-out to the person I just met!!!


"H-hi, erm... did I made you feel uncomfortable?"


"A bit, but that doesn't matter. Would you mind showing me around?"


"I...... I'm sorry, what were you saying?" FUDGE! Did I just zoned-out again? This guy is so handsome~~~~~


He chuckled and said "May you give me a tour?"


"Freshman, eh? Sure I can give you, maybe a 30 min. tour" he clapped and put his hands in the air like a little child who just accpted his offer of having ice cream break. Well that caught plenty attention from students outside the room and who's about to go out


"Where do you wanna go?" I asked while swinging my bag over my shoulders


"Introduce it to me as we go"


"Alright then"


30 mins. passed by


We walked out side by side to the school "So that's half of the school, here's the school map if you wanna go elsewhere I haven't introduce" I hand him the map & he hesitantly took it "T-th-thanks" he stuttered


"Welcome" I looked at his wrist and I saw........... H?! "By the way, what's your–"


"Hey, I gotta go, see you!" He cut me off and ran away


"HEY! What's your–" I shouted and realized he's too far. Dang it!



Harry's POV


I felt bad for running away from her. I DIDN'T EVEN GOT HER NAME. Smart move, Harry. Smart move. But the hue of her blue-eyes left me drowning in my imagination when suddenly.....


"Oh my!" she picked up her groceries and of course I helped, I bumped into her


"Sorry~" we both said


"I'm so clumsy," I mumbled and picked up the can of sardines she left on the ground "Here..." I hand it to her and froze when I saw her face "you......"




(A/N: Chapter 1 complete, so what do you think guys? Leave a comment about how the chapter is... thanks so much. Lots of love! -DJG19)

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