The Unconventional Escape

We always read books or see movies about vampires or werewolves.. etc. but never the fair folk. BUT the fairies you've known from the stories you've heard as a child are not what's really out there. The 16 year old fairy Amber finds out who she really is and struggles to get away with her unconventional forbidden feelings. READ! (NO SPOILERS) :)


8. 11:11

            I don’t know if Kendra told me not to visit Andrew in his dreams because she knew that I would do it anyway but she just didn’t want to take the blame, or because she really thought I would listen to her.

          I rolled my hands over the tiny dream catcher that Kendra had left for me as I tried to imagine how a typical Andrew dream would be like. I decided not to get creative and get myself in trouble; instead I used my memory of the beach. I pictured what he would be wearing, what he would be saying, how the sea would be dancing back and forth, how the flaming sun would be slowly setting, I imagined every little detail. The hardest to imagine was his features, very complex, beautiful, and bold. I pictured his jaw bones, his pale skin, his blue eyes that were deeper than the sea and his weary smile. I pictured his slim waste and his broad shoulders. Then I pictured what I would be wearing, the direction in which my hair will be falling, where I’ll be standing.. I pictured it all and when I was done I attached the dream catcher to a simple necklace and wore it around my neck; it was the only way to ensure that it will be safe and that I could get back safely. Furthermore, I set up a dream portal by chanting a couple of spells from my little leather notebook which had a collection of different spells and skills I’ve learnt or heard in the past.

Imaginatio saecula nos portare quæ nusquam sunt.

Sine hoc quod nusquam abeo.

cum sol ortus est, et vade in terram somnis

putant esse omne,

ut prorsus nihil sciant”


Which was Latin for:

‘Imagination will carry us to worlds that never were.

But without it we go nowhere.

When the sun comes up dreams go to dust

To imagine is everything

To know is nothing at all’


          After all of that, I put the book down and went down stairs to see if my parents came home or not. They didn’t and even though I should have been worried, I was actually glad. Involuntarily, I locked the door of my bedroom and slipped into the sheets of my bed and waited impatiently to fall asleep so I can see him. I didn’t know why I still wanted to see him after he freaked me out. I just felt like I had to. Whether it was the right choice or not I was willing to face the consequences. Besides he was my husband to be in the future and I had every right to not only see him but marry him. Of course I didn’t want to do that but you got the point.


          Time was going by so slowly and I couldn’t wait till 11:11. Speaking of 11:11, now I know why some people make wishes at 11:11. It has nothing to do with falling stars or anything; it’s actually the time when fairies can travel from one dream to another unless they have a special pendant or an enchanted artifact that enables them to portal themselves wherever and whenever. I looked at my watch and wished that time went by faster, and believe it or not that’s what really happened.      

           I freaked out as I saw the hands of my watch spin faster and faster till they read 11 pm. At that moment I became aware of the fact that I had something to do with all of this craziness, and that made me even more eager to meet up with Andrew again. I wanted to know what he knows, I wanted to absorb all of his knowledge, I wanted to know who I am.

          One minute left I reminded myself. I started doubting myself and my abilities. What if I can’t do it? What if I’m too weak? Kendra does it all the time, but I’m not Kendra, I’m just a stupid worthless Spero. Ok, calm down Amber calm down.

          I breathed in and out, and felt like there were weights resting on my chest or needles stabbing my heart as I was pulled by the great force of the portal and I felt myself roll and roll into an unknown galaxy ablaze with colors. I closed my eyes, and when everything went calm again I opened them to find myself at the beach…Again.



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