Broken But Saved

Astrid- I saved him but he'll never notice it.
Robin- I saved her but she'll never know.

They both met as strangers. They both became best friends despite their differences. They both fell in love,despite the distances between them. But will they overcome the obstacles? Or will they end the huge amount of sparks they have?


10. New chapter

I read his comments. Just like I suspected him to be like, he is a bad boy. He asked me in a sarcastic way wether he needed my permission to comment on which photo,just like he has the rights to. Well,point taken,i can't argue with that one,I mean people do have the rights.

I chuckled and typed,"Well, point taken! But seriously though,what is your name? And did I follow you or something? Because I don't remember following guys who are so out of my league,let alone., you." There! That should get him done.

It was already time to leave the hotel and head for the airport. I am feeling a bit nervous but I'm going to get over it. Truth to be told,I really hate airplanes. I have a fear of flying and landing and worst case scenarios? Crashing.

But no one ever notice. I usually just hugged myself and prayed that the flight will go safely and hopefully, for now,it's going to be safe one. We arrived at Changi International Airport within 30 minutes,that is if my calculation was correct. We went to the restaurants to grab a bite then went to our terminal.

Every minute of the way and into the plane seat,anxiety took over my whole body. "Are you okay?" Asked a guy who was sitting beside me. I turned to look at him. He looked cute,probably 17, i thought to myself. I smiled and said,"Yes,I just got a fear of flying and landing and stuff,but I'm alright."

"I'm Charles by the way," he said as he took out his hand. I shook it and said,"Astrid." He repeated my name and said that it was a beautiful name,I didn't reply because the plane was about to take off. I did my prayers and then looked at him. "Thank you," I said for the compliment. I turned to look outside,the view was beautiful,considering it was early morning at 1.15am. Which made me thought of my friends. They wouldn't be sleeping at this very hour,they would still be up,texting in a group chat in Whatsapp. I sighed as I took a glance of the city for the last time,I put on my earpiece and fell asleep.

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