The Girl With Leukaemia

(Inspired by TFIOS) Aisling Rivers has been diagnosed with Acute Myelogenous Leukaemia since she was 8 years old, and up until now, her life hasn't sparked any fun at all. It is a constant drive in and out of hospitals and their hospital beds, a normal day is impossible. Having a life is impossible. Finally, she meets a boy that is her age and she leaves her current situation completely to befriend Jett Nolan.

Jett Nolan is a notorious vandalist and has a buzz for putting up fights. He has been to court the previous two times and he assumed that it would be the same routine for the third time. Attend a court meeting, settle out any fines and then spend hours in a youth detention centre but his punishment this time was different - community service, in a hospital, filled with sick and old people. Not what Jett had in mind... at all.

She was looking for a friend and all he needed was some company but what they didn't know was that they would become so much more.


5. The Girl With Leukaemia| 3


The Girl With Leukaemia| 3

- A i s l i n g -

I stretched my arms over my head, letting out yesterday's tension and stress and turned onto my side so that I faced the window. The open field that used to grow green long grass was under layers of snow and the tree branches in the distance were sugar coated with snowflakes and it kept on building. The sky was as white as the snow below so I'm guessing the clouds are in hiding.

I turned back onto my back and stared up at the pale blue ceiling, soon I won't have the energy to bear the icy cold outside. I won't have enough energy to do anything and then the cycle of boredom will start to invade my life once again as it did over the past months and years but this time something is going to change. I'm going to make sure something changes. The doors to my room opened distracting me from my thought and there appeared both my parents with bags of my daily essentials and obviously my clothes. I don't like wearing any of the hospitals only because it stinks of hospital and medicine.

"Hey honey, you're awake" my mum came to my side and planted a kiss on my forehead. I smiled and looked up her, she was fresh faced and beautiful but unfortunately I can't say the same about dad. I got up and sat on the bed looking at both my parents, who were sitting on chairs beside me and just as I opened my mouth to start a conversation the door squeaked opened and my dad stood up protectively beside me at the same time blocking my view so I couldn't really tell who was by the door.

"Uh... I was told to get some breakfast for the patient" My dad moved out of the way and revealed... Cleaning boy... he was slightly flushed and scratching the back of his neck nervously. I found myself smirking at his embaressing posture and gestures, my dad turned back around and faced me and I looked up at him.

"Yes breakfast, you need breakfast Aisling. Today is going to be long and tiring and you know that you need your energy" I almost felt relieved that dad didn't mention the therapy and I couldn't really understand why. I shrugged and 'cleaning boy' bought the tray of food forward laying it on the desk beside me while completely averting my gaze.

"If you need anything else, you know what to do" He began retreating to the door but if this boy was going to keep appearing and I didn't know his name, it's worth finding out. While both my parents started to take my belongings out of the bags and place it in the room they soon disappeared into the bathroom to continue placing my daily essentials. Once they were out of sight I quickly called out to him before he slid out.

"Hey, cleaning boy! What's your name?" I shout whispered, he turned his head around while keeping a tight grip on the door, his glistening dark brown eyes locked onto mine making me tingle. Should that mean something? That's pretty unlikely.

"Why do you want to know?" he said through gritted teeth, I smiled that's the cleaning boy I know.

"I'm going to find out sooner or later" he let out a chuckle, and my mouth dropped involuntarily. Is that a chuckle I hear from the boy that hates life and me as well by the sounds of it.

"Well, you do just that. Aisling" he smirked at me, giving me a another tingly sensation running through my body making me shiver. I smiled back at  him and he transformed his smirk into a grin before disappearing from the room. I kept smiling even after he left, that's a boy I haven't yet met and I want to meet that boy a little more. Dr Johansson appeared from the doorway with a open file in her hand, she closed the file and looked up at me with her usual warm smile.

"Hello Aisling, you look very cheery" I simple nodded to validate her statment. My parents appeared from the bathroom and gazed at Dr Johansson who looked at them too. My parents approached us and awaited the Doctor's next words.

"We've set up your session for chemotheraphy but before we begin it, we need you to have a blood tranfusion and platelet transfusion. If you could change out of the clothes that you're wearing now and put your gowns on that would be great" Dr Johansson said, she dimissed herself and dissappeared out of the room. The transfusion, of course, forgot about them. Mum left my long black gown and black leggings at the bottom of the bed before she went off to get some breakfast with dad.

I got out of the bed and grabbed my clothes along the way to the bathroom, I quickly stripped myself keeping my fresh bra and knickers on before wearing my black gown and leggings. I looked up to face the mirror that mirrored a girl with long dark chesnut brown hair, hazel eyes and a heart shaped face with deep dimples on the sides of the cheeks. I wouldn't say I was pale but slightly tanned with a petite figure, I'm fine with the way I look not like some girls who would die to get a model body. I gave my face a quick wash and put my hair in a messy ponytail before retreating back to the hospital bed waiting for my drip that would feed through my vein giving me extra blood and extra platelets.

My meaningless thoughts then turned to the cleaning boy, his chuckle echoed through my head and his grin engraved itself in my mind he is something that I know I won't be able to forget and I know he won't be forgotten. How can you forget a person who has a mean face and rude things to always say?

The doors opened and a male nurse, who had a tray which had two packs that contained either red or translucent liquid in them and a drip in his other hand. He approached me and set the tray on the desk and then applied the sharp metal needle into one of my veins on top of my hand before putting a white sticky thing on top of the needle to keep it in place. The nurse then put the packets on the drip and made sure that everything was done correctly before telling me to call if I needed any help - not that I'd really need any.

I was then left alone in the room and I sat watching the liquids slide down the tubes and into my vein, I guess it looked a little disgusting but it was helping in some way. By the time looking at the tubes got boring I then turned to face the clock that sat on the wall ticking and tocking, did it really have to make that noise when everything goes silent. God, this is boring!

I got up off the bed and grabbed the drip, wheeling it out towards the door and myself out the door also. I wasn't going to wasted an hour or so of my time waiting for the transfusions to complete. I grabbed tight hold of the drip as I walked down the hallways and into the cateen at the end of the hospital, once I reached the handles of the doors I pushed them open to reveal an almost empty cateen with just a few people here and there. I went inside and took a seat on a table by the windows with my drip next me, I looked out the window in front of me completely losing my self in the scene. What I didn't considor is when the nurses will appear through the double door in search for me but I needed to get out.

"Jett, can you go clean up the tables hun" I turned almost immediately once the name was called out. Jett? I don't know why but I feel something towards the name. I kept close attention to where the ladies serve the lunch behind the peek through area and it was less then two minutes did he come out of the kitchen double doors and our gazes locked instantly. His lips turned into a smirk and he started to walk my direction, is it me or is it just getting a little warm in here.

"How'd the name finding go for you?" he asked quite calmly, which was surprising since he always starts a conversation with something mean to say. He pulled a chair out and sat opposite me watching me closely.

"Jett I presume" he smiled, and then his eyes turned towards my drip. At first his brows scrunched up in confusion then it turned towards something like 'symphathy' and then it went back to normal. Well, now he knows about the drip but how will I come up with a explaination.

"What's with the drip?" he questioned, I looked up at my drip and then at him.

"It's just... um... you know... it's nothing" he looked at me confused and then he shook his head. I turned my head to avoid anymore questions relating my drip but it was unlikely that he would stop asking questions.

"Are you ill or something?" I looked back at him and his curious face, I guess coming here was a bad idea but at least I got his name which was a huge victory since he got my name. As he awaited his answer, I waited for my brain to come up with one but unfortunately I got nothing except one thing. It was more like taking physical action then verbal. My head started to hurt and my heart beat faster than normal but I didn't take any notice, I got up immediately and gave him a sorry look and started to walk to the doors.

My head started to take a spin, making me go along for the ride and my hands started to slide down the drip eventually my body landed onto the floor with a loud thud. My eyes started to close and I felt my heart start to slow.


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