The Girl With Leukaemia

(Inspired by TFIOS) Aisling Rivers has been diagnosed with Acute Myelogenous Leukaemia since she was 8 years old, and up until now, her life hasn't sparked any fun at all. It is a constant drive in and out of hospitals and their hospital beds, a normal day is impossible. Having a life is impossible. Finally, she meets a boy that is her age and she leaves her current situation completely to befriend Jett Nolan.

Jett Nolan is a notorious vandalist and has a buzz for putting up fights. He has been to court the previous two times and he assumed that it would be the same routine for the third time. Attend a court meeting, settle out any fines and then spend hours in a youth detention centre but his punishment this time was different - community service, in a hospital, filled with sick and old people. Not what Jett had in mind... at all.

She was looking for a friend and all he needed was some company but what they didn't know was that they would become so much more.


4. The Girl With Leukaemia| 2


The Girl With Leukaemia| 2

- A i s l i n g -


I just stared at him afterwards and he stared at me with a mean expression plastered on his face. I didn't know what to do but grin widely, clearly me grinning wasn't helping the situation in any way and I knew that. If it makes a dying girl happy then I'll grin all I want.

"Stop grinning like that!" he shouted, the grin on my face got wiped off automatically the minute he said it. I shoved my hands in the pockets of my hoodie and glared at him, I don't see what his problem is but something in his eyes, I can see that he's not very happy with how things are going on with his life. I'm no psychic but it seems that this boy isn't all what he seems, he's a bad boy, a boy I should stay well away from.

"I can grin however I want to" I said calmly, he gave me a menacing look then dropped the towel in his hand on the floor that still had the puddle of soup and walked away. I watched him as he walked off and disappeared into the hospital canteen, the boy, who I probably will never meet again. He is the boy that made me feel normal and I don't even know his name.

A waft of cold air seeped through the open doors of the hospital making me shiver, I decided I wasted enough time to 'get some air' and turned back around, back to where it all started. I walked back down the hallway and into the room, once I stepped foot into the room Dr Johansson was nowhere to be seen but my dad was here... without mum.

"Hey Dad" I walked to where he sat on the chair that I sat on before I left. He turned around with a sad expression on his face, he didn't want his little girl to go through this. I didn't want to go through this but I have to and this time there's no more fighting, I know I don't have to fight anymore but just for my parents I will.

"I'm sorry Aisling" he whispered and turned his head back around facing out the window, it was a beautiful day. The winter cold was making it's way to the city, it is my favourite season of all time.

Haven't you ever just sat by the window and watched as the winter makes its presence known with the cold air and the snow that sweeps over the city, as white as the clouds that float above us. The best part of winter is the snow and the snowflakes that fall from above, you can just completely let go of yourself.

I sighed and grabbed an extra chair from the stack by the windows and placed it near dad. I sat myself down and watched out the window just as he did, he's always feeling guilty, always thinking that he could've looked after both of us better - both me and my brother.

"There's nothing for you to be sorry about, I guess things just happen for a reason" I explained, I put my hands on top of his for the security and comfort he needs. What he needs to understand is that I'm not afraid and that's his greatest fear, he's afraid that I'm afraid.

"What reason could there be for you to have this... this thing" he said through gritted teeth, I can feel he's tense and angry. I turned his head around so that he was facing me and looked him straight in those pain filled eyes. No parent should be put through a situation but unfortunately I had to be the kid out of millions that has to live through this and I'm going to try and live it for them. It's all I can do now.

"This is hard for both of you as it is for me and I understand that but for my sake please be the strong man you've always been. Don't let him disappear. Don't you disappear" I grabbed him by the shoulders in one swift movement and hugged him, as tight as I could. For one time in his life it was someone else's turn to be the calm and secure person he is. It was my turn for this moment to comfort him as he always did to both me and my mum.

"Aisling, Mr Rivers" Dr Johansson appeared in the doorway with my mum closely behind her, this time she looked less of a wreck. She smiled at both of us as she approached her chair and let the file in her hand sit on the desk. I released dad and looked up at her awaiting her next words, while my mum disappeared out the room with dad.

"You'll be starting your therapy sessions tomorrow, today you'll be staying here and your parents will get everything you need. Come on now, let's go see your room" she got up and flied out of the door, I also got up but not in such a eager movement more like a turtle speed. My room. I haven't seen the room in ages since the last time I stayed here which was less than 6 months ago but I didn't expect major dramatic changes. It was a nice little room in the hospital, decked out with all the latest equipment a girl needs and a huge window that opens out to a vast open area.

"Here it is" she opened up a door to exactly what I had expected but with a few little changes like the colour of the wall, it was painted a pale blue with white clouds. A little bit babyish if I say so myself but it was in some way nice and peaceful. I turned to see that Dr Johansson was already gone, well that was nice of her to leave me by myself but I didn't mind much. I can finally be by myself but obviously when you say things like that, being by yourself never lasts long enough. A loud clatter inside the room made me turn around and face a person, who was looking down at the plastic cup that used to be filled with water now emptied in a little puddle on the floor.

"Shit!" the boy started to talk incoherently as he attempted to clean up the puddle of water, completely oblivious of the girl that was standing just a tiny metre away from him watching his every move.

"Uh... hello?" I asked a little startled. He looked up and there they were again, the eyes that despise life so much. We both looked each for a few minutes, properly taking the time to examine each other out. He had deep dark brown pools for eyes, floppy dark brown hair that had a rough messy style with a face that was perfectly structured. I guess you can consider him as cute, not that I could ever know how you would consider a boy my age cute. I've been stuck at home or the hospital for so long I don't know how to describe a boy as, this is all too new to me. He had a strong build but a little taller than the first time I met him, is it even possible to grow that tall in a matter of a couple of minutes?

"You! Why are you even still here?" he asked completely annoyed. The way he just said it with such force made me want to hate him but for some reason I couldn't, even though he was an ignorant asshole when we first met.

"What is wrong with you? I just can't seem to understand you at all but from what I gather your a mean, horrible person and your mouth is filled with poison!" I spitted out angrily, he glared at me almost as if he was going to kill me now where would the fun in that be. I would rather like to die in a more dramatic fashion.

"Me? A horrible person? Your bloody annoying and every time I come across you something goes wrong" he shouted, while pointing down to the puddle on the floor trying to state a point. Could I really be blamed for his clumsy behaviour? - I think not! I rolled my eyes and went back to my signature move of putting my hands in the pockets of my hoodie.

"If that's how you see me as then so be it but for you information... this mess... was your own fault" I turned around almost too dramatically and grabbed a chunk of hair that fell to the front and flicked it behind me. You know, like those girls who think they're all to perfect. I thought the flick would add that emphasis of my I-don't-care-much look.

"Ah god... I hate you!" I heard him mutter before he went out once again. The door shut behind me with a click and I turned around to face a now empty and clean area. I walked over to the hospital bed and grabbed the covers but for some reason I turned back once again and gazed to where he stood.

"I hate you Cleaning Boy" I said in a whisper as if to carry on an invisible conversation without him here, I felt my lips twitch up in a small smile before I got under the covers of the hospital bed and cozied myself in. Maybe he's not too bad, just a little wild but wild is good I guess.

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