The Girl With Leukaemia

(Inspired by TFIOS) Aisling Rivers has been diagnosed with Acute Myelogenous Leukaemia since she was 8 years old, and up until now, her life hasn't sparked any fun at all. It is a constant drive in and out of hospitals and their hospital beds, a normal day is impossible. Having a life is impossible. Finally, she meets a boy that is her age and she leaves her current situation completely to befriend Jett Nolan.

Jett Nolan is a notorious vandalist and has a buzz for putting up fights. He has been to court the previous two times and he assumed that it would be the same routine for the third time. Attend a court meeting, settle out any fines and then spend hours in a youth detention centre but his punishment this time was different - community service, in a hospital, filled with sick and old people. Not what Jett had in mind... at all.

She was looking for a friend and all he needed was some company but what they didn't know was that they would become so much more.


3. The Girl With Leukaemia| 1


The Girl With Leukaemia| 1

- A i s l i n g -


I sat quietly in the waiting room, my knee involuntarily moving up and down nervously - although I don't understand why I should be nervous. I've been to and from hospital so many times it's as if I have no life that I can actually call 'life' and because of this routine my parents take every time I am ill, I've never actually enjoyed the full joy of life as a teenager should. It's almost as if this thing is ruling my life.

"Miss Aisling Rivers?" I looked up as my name was called out from the speakers. Well, one thing I had a chance to enjoy was technology so I would consider myself lucky. I got up off the chair as did my parents, I took a deep breathe in and walked into the room that held my fate constantly playing tricks but I eventually got used to it. It's not everyday you have to wait to see what lies ahead and what some things have in store for you but in this case I have to see what the doctor has in store for me.

"Hello Aisling, how are you feeling today?" I took a seat in the chair that was placed in front of my doctor that I've had for 8 long gruelling years. She was almost part of the family but just like my parents she always tries to find ways to make me feel better and make sure that every one of my needs are attended to. They don't understand what I want.

"Hello Dr Johansson and I'm good like always" She nodded and smiled, as if a smile would make things any easier but I smiled any way. She started to do her usual thing, getting a notepad, my file and booting up the computer the same things that I have spent years observing. It's not like I love observing her every move but I have no other choice.

"That's good to hear" she simply said, I started to twiddle my thumbs as I waited for her to get ready. She finally opened my file and read over the readings and the tests that I have been repeatedly doing. I watched her closely to read off any emotions that may give me any idea of what is to come, I was good at doing that since I've spent years in a hospital bed having nothing to do.

"Mr and Mrs Rivers, I'm afraid it has returned" she looked only at me when she said it, although it was directed to my parents, she still looked at me. What did she expect me to do? Cry like I did when I first found out or get depressed? Not like any of those are any better. I heard a weak sob break out from behind, I knew instantly that it came from my mum. She was never the strong one but my dad was, he was strong enough to support us. I couldn't turn around and face my parents and see what emotions ran around them all that echoed around my head was the word 'returned' I've heard it so many times, twice actually but this third time sounds like it's it.

"Unfortunately, it seems to be getting worse so you will be going back to chemotheraphy but bear in mind it can make you extremely weak. For this to take place you will need to stay in hospital, I'm sure you know how the process works" I nod, I've heard all this before and it's really not any different.

"Can I get some air, please?" I asked, she gave me sympathatic look not that I needed it, I really didn't need it but I wasn't going to get angry and start shouting that would be even worse than crying. I got up from the chair and stopped in mid stride to see my dad comforting my mum, who cried silently, he looked up and gave me a smile. A simple smile, that's all everyone is doing right now. It's all everyone can do right now other than break out and cry like my mother but I don't blame her.

I walked out of the room and wandered down the hallways of the hospital, the hallways I spend hours walking through when I am here doing all my therapy sessions and things don't get any different. Living here is making me feel sick it's not what I have growing in my bones, it's this place.

"Hey! Watch where you're going!" I looked up startled to see a boy, almost a year older than me, covered in... what looked like soup? My eyes widened and I realised it's me he is talking to. The floor beneath him was a puddle of soup and the bowl itself somehow sat on it's right side.

"I'm so sorry, I wasn't watching where I was going" I attempted to help him but he pushed my hands away. If this day couldn't get any worse than it already is then I would be peacefully sitting somewhere just thinking about my situation.

"Keep your eyes open next time you decide to walk in the hallway" He said through gritted teeth, he looked at me with piercing dark brown eyes, I could see he wasn't happy not that he ever looked happy but I couldn't help myself I wanted to help and that's exactly what I did. I grabbed a towel that was on a nearby trolley and bent down to clean up the mess.

"Just go will you!" He bent down and snatched the towel off my hand. There's no need to be so mean. Wait... He was mean to me, he was actually mean to me. I did what I shouldn't even be doing in a situation like this, with a boy like him. What I did was grin, I grinned like the pink cheshire cat and you know why?

He treated me like a normal person for once in my life I feel like a normal teenage girl with this stranger.


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