The Girl With Leukaemia

(Inspired by TFIOS) Aisling Rivers has been diagnosed with Acute Myelogenous Leukaemia since she was 8 years old, and up until now, her life hasn't sparked any fun at all. It is a constant drive in and out of hospitals and their hospital beds, a normal day is impossible. Having a life is impossible. Finally, she meets a boy that is her age and she leaves her current situation completely to befriend Jett Nolan.

Jett Nolan is a notorious vandalist and has a buzz for putting up fights. He has been to court the previous two times and he assumed that it would be the same routine for the third time. Attend a court meeting, settle out any fines and then spend hours in a youth detention centre but his punishment this time was different - community service, in a hospital, filled with sick and old people. Not what Jett had in mind... at all.

She was looking for a friend and all he needed was some company but what they didn't know was that they would become so much more.


1. The Girl With Leukaemia


"It's true what they say, we all die some day. I'm not afraid of dying anymore because one day I will close my eyes knowing that this is the last time I'll ever see the world and I don't blame Cancer for my loss of time. I don't blame any one. I'm just happy I lived long enough to experience everything, including him. 

Life is not just about love, family or friends. In my eyes its the beauty. "

- The Girl With Leukaemia, Aisling Rivers


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