The Unexpected

~ the unexpected
Hayley had the perfect life, she was popular, had the perfect friends, the perfect boyfriend, Luke, and the perfect parents. But what happens when Hayley's mom unexpectedly dies??

Sorry guys I am no longer enjoying writing this book, so I have decided I am going to unpublish this book and may start writing it again later on this year.

I am now writhing another book .........
Was I a mistake but it's not published yet as I want to write a few chapters first so check during February plz


5. A/N

Hey my marshmallows, sorry for another authors note but I don't know if you guys like this movella as it is my first so I'm doing a little something:

~ 5 more likes = 2 new chapters (so far 5 likes)

~ 5 more comments = 3 new chapters (so far 0 comments)

~ 3 more favourites = 5 new chapters (so far 6 favourite)

~ 5-7 more fans = 7-10 new chapters (so far 4 fans)

*Catch: if none by next Friday (27th of December) I'm deleting this fan fiction off movella's!!!!

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