The Unexpected

~ the unexpected
Hayley had the perfect life, she was popular, had the perfect friends, the perfect boyfriend, Luke, and the perfect parents. But what happens when Hayley's mom unexpectedly dies??

Sorry guys I am no longer enjoying writing this book, so I have decided I am going to unpublish this book and may start writing it again later on this year.

I am now writhing another book .........
Was I a mistake but it's not published yet as I want to write a few chapters first so check during February plz


3. 2: the conversation

*1 week later*

Hayley's POV

Recap: Since my fall last week, my gut feeling of having the worst test of year has been completely wrong, in fact last week was probably one of the best weeks I have had this year. First of all Emma is back, and she joined the cheer team with me and my friends, my mum and dad have stopped arguing, Emma has been reunited with my family, and she is now living with us, and last of all my uncle is coming to stay for the rest of the year at a motel up the road from my house. I have never met my uncle before as my dad likes to think of him as a mistake in our family and basically has just rubbed him out of all the Higgins history. (End of recap)

Christi's POV

Ring ring, my phone rang continuously, as I was getting up when my husband interrupted me and pulled me back in bed, 'I have organised for us to go out for the night tonight and don't stress I've already planned for the girls to go to Aunty Sonya's tonight', he said, 'but what if the girls are sent back here, then they'll be home alone and knowing my sister she will forget easily and send them back' I replied worriedly, 'babe, I promise it will be fine, besides when was the last time we went out just the two of us?', he said convincing me to go with him.

*the next day*

'Girls, get up you need to pack to hoot aunt Sonya's after school!!!' I yelled from downstairs. I could hear footsteps and them saw Taylor running down the stairs in excitement, I didn't see Hayley so u decided to go up into her room, of course she is still asleep. 'Hayley, get up, you are going to aunt Sonya's after school today and you need to pack', I said loud enough so that she could hear me, her eyes fluttered open a and she stretched to wake up a bit more, 'morning mom' she said in her morning voice. She hopped in the shower then came down 20 minutes later when I was almost finished making pancakes.

Ring Ring, my phone rang, I looked at the name on the screen 'the boss', great I thought to myself.

*the conversation*

Me: hello?

Boss: I need you to work another night shift

Me: when?

Boss: tonight at 6pm

Me: I can't I got plans besides it's my day off

Boss: you have to come or else your fired

Me: but ------- (she cut me off)

Boss: do you want to lose your job?

Me: no

Boss: good then I will see you at 6pm sharp

* end of conversation *

Just as the phone hung up Matt walked in, perfect now i need to tell him about how I have to bail for work ...... once again, it would be better to tell him now than later so here I go. 'Matt, I need to talk you', I said a bit shyly of if he would know what I need to talk about, 'yeah I need to talk to you too, you first what is it about?' He asked curiously. 'Its about work, and the thing is --' I said but he cut me off, 'you can't make it.....once again is that it' he said getting annoyed. 'You can't go to the date tonight can you' he asked annoyed, 'no, I'm sorry, it's my boss she's making me work tonight' i tried to explain hoping he would understand but no, he never does.

'You always bail, and always blame work and your boss, I'm sick of it you have no better excuse do you?' He yelled in my face. I thought he would understand, but no, I honestly don't get why he is so mad, if he just listened to me we could go out on our date another night, just not tonight. He started to yell at me again 'you don't understand how angry you make me, I always plan a great date for us to go on then you bail, after all the time in spent planning it until it was absolutely perfect and then all the money that was used to buy all the things needed for this perfect date and on top of all that I had a surprise to present to you, but no that all goes down the drain all so you can go work and be yelled at by your stupid boss' as he screamed this I started to cry. He seriously thinks I want to go to work, I would love to stay here and spend more time with my family, but unfortunately my boss won't let me miss one minute of work.

'You think I want to be at work being yelled at by Mandy (my boss), it's better than being yelled at by you, but I would way prefer to be at home spending time with you and the girls, and if I had a choice between you and work I would choose you, and I am stupid for thinking that you would understand and let me reschedule the date to next week or something, urrggghh, I really am stupid', I said screaming at the start and ending up crying towards the end, 'You do have a choice Christi, just quite work already, spend time with me and the girls and then you can be happy and stress free'. Honestly, who does he think he is telling me to quite my job, how can I do that, i mean I don't see him waking up at 5am to get ready for work then get the kids ready for school then leave at 6:45am every morning, he is always sleeping in until noon. I started to cry even more as I thought that.

'How can I quite work when I have to, as you never wake up early enough to get to any type of job leaving me to be the money maker of this family, I have to pay the bills for this house and the ensurance for the car and then food so we can eat and when I am at home I have to be the house mother, cleaning up after all of you, and you are right with out work bothering me I will be stress free and I will have more time for you and the girls, but we will also be without money, without a home and without a car' I screamed that him. 'Girls get in the car, I'm driving you to school', I called out to the Taylor and Hayley. 'If I come back it's for the girls and them only' I said with tears flowing from the edge of my eyes.

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