Christmas .

Every people love Christmas , for me ... The answer is NOT !


5. Countdown for Christmas Eve .

Christmas is coming soon . 

My families are restless . 

Everyone is visibly agitated . 

Everyone is keyed up . 

They try to tame the butterflied in their stomach .

My house is full of decoration .

My mother as a waitress to provide us dessert and beverage during our leisure time . 

My house has a big Christmas tree .

When my friends came to my sweetly abode , they were startled .

They didn't think my house will turn to be a COLOSSAL PALACE . 

We chatted about our plan about Christmas Eve .

They suggested to go to others houses to collect presents and sweets . 

It is a not bad idea. 

We saw eye to eye with each other .

We agreed .

Our plan is amazing .

See you ~ 


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