Forever Young

Isobel is 17 years old. She lives with her Uncle who isnt.. well, the nicest Uncle. He hurts Isobel when possible, but is hardly ever home. Well this all changes when she meets a special guy names Louis Tomlinson!
(Please read :) its appropriate sorry if you dont like that)


5. the interview

Nialls p.o.v.

We (including isobel) walked into the interview room. There was two couches. Me, Louis and isobel sat on one and Harry, liam and zayn sat on the other. Louis put her arm around isobel and whispered something into her ear and she giggled. Then the interview started.

"Good morning everyone and today we are interview no other but one direction!"

"Now boys, it has come to mine and millions of teenage girls attention that you have a new person traveling with you, none other than a girl named isobel Thomson. And I also believe that Louis and isobel are now dating. What do you say about that, zayn?" The interviewer asked.

"Well we found isobel on the street and we took her because she had no home!" Zayn lied. It was our story to protect isobel.

"Right. Now isobel, it is a treat you have come to this interview. Are you dating Louis, and what do you think of the boys?" The interviewer asked.

"Well all the boys are lovely, like the family I never had, the friends I never knew and the boyfriend I never dreamed over. And by that, yes I mean Louis. He is so charming and kind and funny and I am SOO lucky to have him..we aren't dating properly yet, but when he's ready." Isobel winked.

"Nah, sweetie I've been waiting for you." Louis smiled.

"Oh right. So your waiting for each other. Now would you think they would ever properly date, boys?" The interviewer asked.

"Well lately there's been a lot of waiting but I think they can pull it off." I smiled.

**after interview**

Louis p.o.v.

The interviewer congratulated us all on doing well and then we walked out. I asked isobel if she wanted to date me . She smiled and said that she was always ready. Then we went to have a 'romantic' dinner and the boys went home.

(A\N thanks for reading, and yes, I know I haven't updated in months! I've been away. Anyways please please comment and tell me what you think! I should update in the next week. Bye!)

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