Forever Young

Isobel is 17 years old. She lives with her Uncle who isnt.. well, the nicest Uncle. He hurts Isobel when possible, but is hardly ever home. Well this all changes when she meets a special guy names Louis Tomlinson!
(Please read :) its appropriate sorry if you dont like that)


3. Meeting her

Nialls p.o.v.

I walked out of the tour bus. I looked around. As Louis said, there was an old house. I saw a girl in the high window throw down a backpack. Then she disapperead. Louis picked up the backpack and turned to me.

"Ni, take this please." He said, and before I could answer he threw it at me. I caught it, and turned to the boys.

"Um, Haz, can you please look after this bag?" I aksed, pointing to the backpack Louis gave me.

"Uh- Sure." He nodded taking it.

Great. I ran to Louis.

"Lou - whats even happening?" 

"Well, as I said this girl wants us to help her escape this house because her uncle is horrible to her."

He explained. Wow.

"Um- ok. How can I help?" I asked him looking at the old house door. It started to creak open.

"Well first, you could-" He started, but I cut him off.

"Uh- Lou" I said, pointing to the door. He turned around and ran to it. He looked inside and was talking to someone. He mointened them to come. And in a few secounds i saw her. She was beautiful.

Isobel p.o.v

After i threw Louis all my stuff (Not much) i grabbed my wallet (Not much money) A picture of my parents and my favourite cuddly toy. Then, I snuck downstairs. Dan was no where to be seen.

I opended the door, and saw Louis rush up to it. 

"You ready, love?" He asked me.

I nodded. We walked out together.

I saw all the other members of 1D, Niall first. He waved to me. I smiled. The other boys came out of their tour bus and said "Hi", "Hey" and "Nice to meet you" 

I told them thanks, and goodbye. They all went back into the tour bus exept Louis and Niall. 

I turned around, and started heading down the street. Where should I go? How would I live?

"Wait" Louis called.

I turned around.

"Yes?" I asked.

"Where will you go? You have no where to live." 

He was right. 

"I dont know. Ill be fine."

"No you wont." Niall Protested

"Come with us." Louis said, holding out his hand. I smiled and took it.

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