Zayn's BFF

Abrum and Zayn were BFFs until Zayn went to the XFactor with out telling her. What will happen if they ever meet again will he remember her or will they never speak again? Read to find out.


6. thinking?

So I've been thinking about Zayn and Kaitlynn and ya I never told Kait about me and Zayn being "Bestfriends" I know I know Bestfriends aren't supposed to keep secrets from each other but to be fair I just found out Zayn was famous like 3 days ago so ya, AND Zayn did keep a huge secret too! So don't judge me! And people must think I'm crazy talking to my self haha owell.

A/N sorry my chapters are sooo short but I hope you guys like them! Update coming soon! :)

So I decided to look up Zayn Malik ,and I am not a creeper I have a reason! Anyway it stays he's from Bradord, England and is in a boy band One Direction and is dating a GIRL named Perrie Edwards in a girl band called Little Mix! Ugh i knew he forgot about me, and he may not be dating a model, but she is a singer same thing right?

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