Zayn's BFF

Abrum and Zayn were BFFs until Zayn went to the XFactor with out telling her. What will happen if they ever meet again will he remember her or will they never speak again? Read to find out.


14. Starbucks

Abrum's POV


Ugh stupid alarm clock! Ugh it's 7:30 so I better start getting ready. *morning stuff and shower and blow drying hair* after I did all that I straitened my hair and put some light makeup on and I wore some white shortish shorts and a black crop top that says believe on it with one white flip flops. It was about 9:30 then so I texted Zayn to tell him I was leaving then.

A: Hey Zaynster I'm leaving now be there in 10! K?

Zayn's POV

Beep beep**

Ugh stupid alarm clock ugh well it's 8:30 better get up and get ready **morning stuff** oh I just got a txt from Abrum! Well since she is leaving now I guess I should too!

Z: hey A-Bear ok I'm on my way also!! See you in 10!

Abrum's POV

Just pulling up to Starbucks. Girl at the counter: hello ma'ma what can I get for you? Oh hello can I just have some regular coffee please? Oh yes of corse can I get your name? Yes it's Abrum J. Ok I will call you when it's ready! Ok!. By the time that was over ,and I found a seat Zayn had walked in! Hey Zaynster over here! I yelled to him haha Z: hey A-Bear how are you!? Haha I'm good and you know I hate that nicname! Z: Haha I know that's why I use it haha! Haha whatever! Zaynster!!:P Z: haha I've really missed you Abrum and when I saw you at concert I couldn't stop thinking about you I knew it was my Abrum my Bestfriend! I was speech less I have really missed him too it never thought we would ever meet again! Awww Zayn I've really missed you too I never thought we would meet again but I am so glad my friend dragged me to the concert if she hadn't I never would have seen you again! My Zayn my Bestfriend! Aww A-Brear!! So do you still want to meet my brothers? A: umm brothers I thought you only had sisters? Z: haha yes I do but these brothers are not blood related they are my Bestfriends, band mates, brothers. A: ooh haha ya I still want to meet them! Z: haha ok let's go then! A: ok!

A/N I won't update her meeting the boys Untill Harry or Liam have girlfriends. Well maybe if you want i don't know yet? They might come later in the story if I continue this one? If you guys want me too!? But Liam and Harry are still avalible! :)

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