Zayn's BFF

Abrum and Zayn were BFFs until Zayn went to the XFactor with out telling her. What will happen if they ever meet again will he remember her or will they never speak again? Read to find out.


16. breakup! :(

Zayn's POV

I don't know what to do should I break up with Perrie and go for Abrum or what!? I think I'm going to break up with her? I should text her and ask her to come over!

Z: hey Perrie can you come over we need to talk?

Perrie❤️😘: ya sure!

Shoot I forgot to change the contact name! O well I will when I break up with her. **ding dong** oh she must be hear, well it's now or never!

Still Zayn's POV

Hey Perrie. P: hey Zayn what did you want to talk about? Ya ummm about that? I-I umm think we should break up? I-I'm sorry I just I need to think about some stuff? P: oh umm ya it's-it's ok I thought we were moving to fast anyway? Z: ya ok that's all I wanted to say I think you should leave now? P: ok.....goodbye Zayn. Z:goodbye Perrie?

Well now that's over and tomorrow is ValentinesDay I should ask Abrum on a Date! I just hope Perrie doesn't hate me? I mean I thought we were moving to fast to?

A/N hey guys sorry for such a short update but I just wanted to get that out of the way but I really do love Zerrie but it's just in this fandic soo ya no hate please?! And update coming soon! :) ~Sky

Zayn's POV

Ok now it's valentinesDay and I can ask Abrum out I hope she says yes!

Abrum's POV

Finally It's Saturday!! I can have a lazy day! WHOO HOO! Maybe I could ask Zayn to come over? Wait him and Perrie just broke up? That's weird I thought they were madly in love? Owell movies, pjs and popcorn day for me!**beep beep** ugh my phone! Oh it's Niall!

N: hey Abrum whatcha doin?!

A:hey Ni! Nothing much just having a lazy day want to come over and hang out with me?!

Nialls POV

Yes now is my chance to ask Abrum out! **texting**N:ya sure I'll come hang out with you! :) A: yay!! N: I'll be over in 5 k? A:ok see you then!

Zayn's POV

Mom I wonder what A-Bear is doing I should text her!

Z: hey A-Bear whatcha doin?!

Abrum's POV

Me and Niall were kinda cuddling on the couch? And is it bad that I kinda liked it? Uh oh Kait is going to be mad if she finds out haha! Owell! **beep beep** ugh now who is texting me?! Oh it's Zayn!

From Zaynster!: hey A-Bear whatcha Doin!?

A: hey Zaynster just hanging out with Ni! Watching movies

Zayn's POV

With Niall!!!! I told that little leprechaun to stay away from Abrum!! Ugh why didn't she ask me to hang out!? I'm going to text Niall!

To Ni🎸: why are you with Abrum!!

Nialls POV

So me and Abrum were kinda cuddling on the couch and I kinda liked it! Man I really like her I want her to be my princess but what would Zayn think? Suddenly I felt my phone vibrate In my pocket! Oh no it's Zayn I wonder if he found out I am with Abrum?

From DJ Malik: why are you with Abrum!!?

To DJ Malik: because she was lonely and asked me to hang out!

Zayn's POV

Wait she asked him? Why didn't she ask me? Dose she like him!?

To Ni🎸:why didn't she ask me!?

From Ni🎸: because she thought you wanted to be alone because you just broke up with Perrie!

To Ni🎸 oooh sigh.... Niall I'm really sorry I shouldn't have went off at you. I love you my little leprechaun!

From Ni🎸 it's ok mate! And I love you too Bro! And I promise I won't do anything!

To Ni🎸you better not! Well I'll let you go have fun bro! But not to much fun;)

From Ni🎸haha I won't mate promise!;)

Well I really just want Abrum to be happy! Ugh it's been a long day I need sleep!! But first I need to text Abrum!

To A-Bear❤️ goodnight A-Bear! Love you!!

Abrum's POV

**beep beep** oh a txt from Zayn!

From Zaynster❤️ goodnight A-Bear love you!!

Awww that's sooo cute I really like Zayn and I want him to ask me out but he hasn't yet and it's ValentinesDay and I'm spending it with Niall who I also like and he hasn't ask me out yet ether! Oh well I should reply to that tex!

To Zaynster❤️ goodnight Zaynster love you too!!

What? I do love him as a friend maybe more idk I'm sooo confused! I suddenly felt my eyelids getting heavy then Niall told me just to go to sleep.

Niall's POV

I saw Abrum getting tired so I told her just to fall asleep and I would just leave. So I was getting up to leave when I felt a hand grab my arm it was Abrum's A: please stay with me? Haha sure Abrum I will. And we ended up sleeping on the couch together. She is just as beautiful sleeping then she is awake! Awwww!

A/N I know this says breakup and I should have made too different chapters but oh well I hope you liked this and maybe comment what you think of it so far an who do you guys think Abrum should be with? :) well byeeee! ~Sky and I might update later tonight but it problily won't have time tomorrow ANYWAY!!! Have a happy new year! 2014 WHOO HOO haha not yet but soon! So ya byeee

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