Little black dress

Liam's at a party with the boys a girl in a black shows up and liam instantly falls for her they have an amazing night talking,dancing,drinking liam just forgot to ask one important question 'what's your name?' He's unable to forget about 'little black dress' until they reunite once again


3. the names moore, Kaitlyn moore

"Oh sorry about that the names moore, Kaitlyn moore"

"That's a lovely name, do u guys wanna get out of here take it to my place maybe?" I said

"Only if there's alcohol!" Harry exclaimed

"And food!" Niall added

I was the only band member capable of driving so we all squished into my car, Kaitlyn was in the passenger seat and the boys and their dates in the back.

By the time we arrived at my place all the boys were asleep, Kaitlyn and I decided to leave them there. We were half way through toy story when we heard the boys come in and make there way to the guest bedroom, they looked so tired and hungover. And ofcourse Niall made a detore into the kitchen.then we heard him moan,"where's the pizzaaaaaa!" "Your gonna have to make it" I answered. Then we heard him moan and walk to the guest room.

"Do you wanna go to bed now?" I asked Kaitlyn after all the toy story movies.

"Yeah sure, but do u have any old t-shirts I could where to bed though?" She asked

"Yeah sure you can grab one out of my wardrobe, it's in my bedroom upstairs first door to the left, I'll be up there soon I'm just gonna grab a drink of water"

"Ok" Kaitlyn replied

I made my way upstairs and into my bedroom, I saw Kaitlyn on my bed in one of my shirts she looked so sexy. I layed down next to her, she was fast asleep. I rapped my arms around her and fell asleep not long after.

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