Little black dress

Liam's at a party with the boys a girl in a black shows up and liam instantly falls for her they have an amazing night talking,dancing,drinking liam just forgot to ask one important question 'what's your name?' He's unable to forget about 'little black dress' until they reunite once again


1. little black dress just walked into the room

We've been at the party for a couple of hours now I was quite bored because I had no date. The boys were on the dance floor with their dates, but then a girl in a black dress sat down next to me. She was beautiful! She was about 5'5 tanned perfect brown wavy hair and heart stopping dark brown eyes. She was gorgeous! I think she caught me admiring her because I heard I cute little giggle, I looked up at her and she had the most perfect smile. I had to take this opportunity, "wanna dance?" I put out my hand and surprisingly she grabbed it. We walked onto the dance floor and we didn't leave it for the rest of the night we had the best conversations. The night was nearly over but we didn't stop there I took her back to the hotel we got out of our party clothes and into some trackies. I put on toy story I sat on the couch and she sat next to me, by the end of the movie she was laying on my lap asleep and I was playing with her beautiful brown hair. I Soon fell asleep I'm surprised I got to sleep I just couldn't get her out of my mind. I woke up the next morning but she was gone?!?! I couldn't find her anywhere, no note or anything she just left.

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