Does He Know?

A Young girl at the age of 17, lived in London, in Town Square. She was best friends with two guys named Dan, and Phil. She was still in High School, but Dan and Phil weren't they are in Uni. So she was alone in school. But the first day of grade 12 for her, there were two new students.... Will they replace Dan and Phil, or will she forget about them?


2. New Kids!

Ally's POV


So today is the first day of school, and I'm so Excited... Yes I like School, thats why I don't have many Friends. So anyway, I have to pick what to wear, I walked up to my Huge White closet, and looked at all the Clothes I have, I got some,Cute Short Shorts, and a "Free Hugs" Crop top Jumper in the colour White, with black lettering, and I got my Super out there Union Jack Stilettos. When I was Done I waltzed down stairs to the Kitchen, my mum was at work already, so I grabbed an apple for the road, I walked to my School because I don't like to drive, personally I just think I'm going to crash every time I get in the drivers seat of a car. When I got to School, I saw a ton of new grade 8's being shown around and stuff like that, So I went to my locker and put in the combo, when it opened I Snatched my Math and French Binders. Several seconds later I heard the Warning bell sound, so I looked at my timetable to see where my Math class is and started going in that direction. As I walk into the room the bell sounded once again, and I took my seat, I noticed Someone new in the classroom, He had Curly Brown Locks, And such a Gorgeous Smile, But then I saw his Eyes, They Where a beautiful Emerald green, then seconds later I realized the only reason I could see his eyes is because he was looking back at me, as I was staring the Teacher kept Calling my Name so I came out of my Day Dream, Blushing a little and moved my attention towards the Teacher. Class Was now over and it was time for French, I walked into the classroom and saw a Spectacular site, I saw a Guy With blonde tips and brown roots up in a quill, and Bright Phenomenal Ocean Blue eyes, and this Time I made Sure He wasn't Looking at Me.           

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