Does He Know?

A Young girl at the age of 17, lived in London, in Town Square. She was best friends with two guys named Dan, and Phil. She was still in High School, but Dan and Phil weren't they are in Uni. So she was alone in school. But the first day of grade 12 for her, there were two new students.... Will they replace Dan and Phil, or will she forget about them?


3. Getting Ready.

Ally's POV

*After School*

So Today was amazing I met like 4 new friends and 1 of them was a guy named Andrew, the girls were named Sam, Lola, and Eliza.

So anyways today I was going to hang out with Dan and Phil, we were going to the movies. I decided to wear something casual but also sexy at the same time, so I looked through my closet and saw something black, so I pulled it out, it was my little black dress, so I put it back, I'm saving that for something a bit more special, I looked again and saw a gold top, a backless top, so I went to go look for some black tights. When I was done putting that on I went to the bathroom, I put on some gold-ish eyeshadow, and applied some nude lipstick. As I looked in the mirror one last time, I stopped and remembered what my mum said to me when I was young, 'you will always be beautiful to me' and a tear was about to escape me as I came back to reality, so I quickly wiped it away.

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