Fate Loves Me

Darrel Darcy and Victoria Raymond were huge 1D fans. Victoria even went to a signing where she actually met them and by mistake committed this small, teensy-weensy, her future CAREER-DESTROYING mistake. So, Darrel and Victoria try to amend it before it’s too late. Want to know what do they do? Not much. Just force their way into 1D’s house, nearly destroy one of their rooms and fall in love (with the emphasis on fall). However, will they come to know of a secret? And will it destroy more than one happiness....?


1. You Did What!?

Fate Loves Me

All rights reserved by the author

“What?” Darrell shouted into her mobile phone. “You did what!?”

“I know it sounds the silliest thing ever,” mumbled Victoria in a small voice on the other side of the line, “but that’s not why I phoned you. You have to help me get it back or I’m busted. Gone. Lost.” Victoria’s mind again wandered to what had happened an hour ago.


Victoria stood in the cue amid shrieking, shouting, nearly-dying-from-excitement fans. She didn’t mind it. What else should one expect from the hero-worshipping people who are just centimetres away from the top British boy band-One Direction? It wouldn’t have been surprising if seconds later an unconscious girl was carried out. Victoria Raymond, 18, brown-haired, fashionably dressed, average built child prodigy in fashion designing but still a huge fan of One Direction checked her sling bag. Yes, the 1D fanmade sketchbook that was her special mission to deliver to the guys was there, just beside her fashion assignment which she had finished in the taxi while coming to the signing.

The 1D sketchbook was filled with pictures, posters and most importantly messages from all her friends who couldn’t come to the signing due to various reasons. Her heart nearly stopped when the girl in front of her finally moved and she got the full, unshared view of Liam Payne. There he sat, smiling, scratch that, there he sat smiling while she shook hands with him! As he signed her 1D CD cover Victoria took out the much hard-worked sketchbook and handed it to him saying in a surprisingly whispering voice, “From my friends and I…to all of you.”

Liam smiled and took it, placing it behind on a pile him. As her CD was passed to Louis, who looked pretty cool and laid back in his trademark stripes and bright red trousers, Victoria felt herself trembling with joy and excitement. Her mind was screaming, I am meeting 1D, for God’s sake! It took a lot of will power to not lose control and start jumping and yelling and sobbing like some of her counterparts whom she could now totally relate to. The fact that Zayn was the next person to greet was like an added factor to the overhead-hanging fainting-from-too-much-of happiness feeling. He was exactly like she had thought and his smile!

Victoria had a feeling the smile on her own face probably ten times bigger than his graceful one but that was ok since Harry was next and he was just smile-worthy. And just when you thought you couldn’t take the jubilance anymore there was Niall, sitting there casually, looking slightly apologetic to an overexcited fan who was being hauled away by one of 1D’s bodyguards. Niall was the nicest as he actually commented, “Nice shirt!” before handing Victoria her CD.

She froze. Did Niall just say…? OMG!! She looked down on what she was wearing and then she realised she was wearing an I Love Niall shirt with a huge Niall photo on it. She laughed saying, “Thanks” as the people behind her started complaining.

Phew. She hadn’t realised she was holding her breath until she escaped from the building. She did a little jig there on the pavement as bystanders stared at her in surprise. The signing had been awesome and the guys had been so nice especially Niall (though she was originally going to wear her I Love Liam one which got disqualified because her best friend spilt coffee over it by mistake whilst demonstrating how Harry’s smile was better than Liam’s). She hailed a taxi and on her way home her thoughts were filled with the signing. Taking out her CD cover she looked at it lovingly for around fifteen minutes. She saw something which she had not noticed before. Liam had written-“Thanks for the gift” before his sign. Seeing this she gave such a loud shriek that the driver braked and asked in a worried voice if she was fine.

Telling herself to control her feeling, she informed the driver that she was quite alright. She lovingly put the CD back in her sling bag and took out her fashion designing assignment which was due tomorrow, which would surely gurantee her the assistant designer job at Dior’s that she was yearning for. This time her collection was way over past all bars in class. It was going to be the peak of perfection. It was-


The driver didn’t stop this time. He just casually asked if she needed anything but his voice was oblivious to Victoria’s ears.

“My sketchbook! It’s gone,” Victoria cried. The coveted, hard-worked, perfected and protected ticket to Dior, her prized fashion assignment was gone and in its place was the 1D sketchbook she had meant to deliver. For a second she could hardly grasp what had happened. Then it struck her and believe it the clock striking twelve didn’t depress Cindrella as much. She had given Liam her sketchbook instead the one made for his band.

The incident played in her mind. The nicely covered sketchbook being handed to one of the cutest guys on earth. “NOOOOOO!” she groaned. The job was gone. Gone. All her dreams shattered. All because of the stupid signing. She got out of the cab and slowly walked to her house. Opening the door she got inside and hadn’t walked three steps before her hands were magically dialling Darrell’s, Victoria’s best friend for forever, number.

“Hello, Darrell?”

“Oh my God!!! Victoria!! How did it go? Who was the nicest? Bet it was Harry or Zayn or Liam or Niall or Louis…well, all of them were nice I suppose. God, I wish I had been there. I feel so jealous. Who knows I could-“

Victoria’s voice was low as she broke in, “Darrell, I have lost my sketchbook. My fashion designing one. At the signing.”

|End Of Amazing-turned-Awful flashback|

“You have to help me get it back,” Victoria repeated helplessly.

Darrell ran a hand through her hastily tied red hair making it stick out at random places. “Ok, where was the signing again?”

“At Del E’rius.”

“And that’s….”

“An hour drive from here,” Victoria sounded more and more helpless. “To think of all the hardwork I have put during the last year. All my work…wasted.”

“Vickie, are you crying?” Darrell asked in an irritated voice.

“Maybe,” came the answer. “And the name’s Victoria not Vickie.”

“There’s no need to cry,” Darrell’s voice became gentler. “Nothing’s wasted. We are going get it back. Wait for two minutes. I’m coming over.”


And that's the first chapter, fellas :) Just a small thing...I had posted this story a long time ago on Fanfiction.net where people seemed to like it but some idiot reported me (1Dff is not allowed there, it seems) and they removed my story. Its been staying on my laptop since and today I thought maybe I should publish it here. About the timeline...its obvious from the cover the timeline I am using so please keep that in mind :)

Pleeeeease like, fan and comment if you like this. Next chapter soon.

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