Fate Loves Me

Darrel Darcy and Victoria Raymond were huge 1D fans. Victoria even went to a signing where she actually met them and by mistake committed this small, teensy-weensy, her future CAREER-DESTROYING mistake. So, Darrel and Victoria try to amend it before it’s too late. Want to know what do they do? Not much. Just force their way into 1D’s house, nearly destroy one of their rooms and fall in love (with the emphasis on fall). However, will they come to know of a secret? And will it destroy more than one happiness....?


4. My Bike's Gone

Chapter 4

The seven people looked at the heaps and heaps of fan stuff and finally realised the actual meaning of their task. Liam took charge, “Zayn and Louis, you take the right corner. Harry, Niall and ummm-Darrell, you take the left corner. Victoria, you and I will do the centre.”

Thus, the room and the task were divided into three parts. “Ok, here are the rules,” started Louis. Everybody turned to face him. He grinned, “There are no rules. The ones who find it get to be the rulers and all the others will have to wait on them, obey each and every command. Oh! I can already see myself winning. Let’s go, Zayn!”

Fifteen minutes later…the room resembled a weather beaten trashcan. An hour later….the room looked remarkably like a pigsty. Two hours later….the room resembled an excavation site with tired hunters lying on mounds of gifts.

“Oh, man! I have never worked so much in my life,” Niall groaned. “Can someone get me something to eat? It feels like I haven’t eaten in forever.”

“Yes,” said Harry. “Zayn will get us something. Right?”

No answer.

“Zayn?” Harry asked.

Still no answer.

Victoria pushed away a mound of My Love Knows No Boundaries boxes of God-knows-what and several telephone directories, “I think he got buried underneath all the stuff!”

“Oh my God! You think so,” Darrell stared warily at a particularly heavy, wooden caricature of Louis.

“Don’t worry. He’s just joking, I suppose,” Liam stated looking around uneasily. “Right, Zayn?”

“I think so, too,” Harry agreed. “C’mon, Zaynie. Zayniee? C’mon, out now!! Zaynieee?”

“The way you are calling him as if he was pet dog,” laughed Darrell.

Niall got up suddenly and started peeking under things and behind tall shelves, “Guys, this is serious. What if Zayn is really buried underneath the stuff, suffocating as we talk?”

The seriousness of his tone had quite an effect on the others. All of them now started looking for a tall, black-haired boy instead of a small sketchbook.

It wasn’t even three minutes since they had started when they heard Niall shout, “This shelf is falling over me. Help!!!!”

There stood Niall, trying to push back one of the huge shelved cupboards placed one behind another across the room. The huge cupboard was falling on him, his muscles having no effect against the weight and gravity.

Everybody rushed to help him push it back. “Push, guys,” commanded Darrell. Everybody pushed and the effect of the collective effort was that the shelves overturned on the other side.  Our heroes were safe but the shelves placed behind and most of the room was wrecked.

Louis rushed forward and hugged Niall, “For a moment I thought you were going to become a pancake. I would have missed teasing you so much.”

Everyone laughed.

“What happened? I heard someone shout?”

Looking at the source of the voice, who was no other than Zayn, they all exclaimed.

Zayn spoke before all of them, “What have you all done? The room’s a mess.”

“Leave that,” said Liam. “Where had you gone? You had us so worried!”

“Oh me?” Zayn gave a sheepish smile. “What happened was that….when I was looking through some of the magazines a whole lot of dust fell on my head. I just went to my room to clean my hair and when I looked at the mirror….Oh well, I got lost in my own beauty.”

After everyone had had a go at Zayn for his disbelieving stunt, they all took a break to have dinner. It was already quite late by then. 10:15 p.m. to be exact.

Liam was getting the table ready, Niall was talking to Simon Cowell on the phone, Zayn was mailing a sound-record to their editor, Louis was still looking for the sketchbook determined to win the hunting contest, Harry was talking or rather arguing with Darrell (Darrell was trying to get Harry to read Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen).

Victoria walked up to Liam and asked, “Need any help?”

“Oh no…not at all. I’ll handle everything. You needn’t worry,” Liam said getting out the plates.

“What’s for food?” Victoria enquired.

“Niall and Zayn brought Chinese noodles from a restaurant nearby. Its quite good. Oh! That reminds me, I forgot to heat it.”

“I’ll do that,” Victoria smiled and immediately started on the job. As the microwave oven did its heating, she continued a little worriedly, “Do you think we’ll find it?”

“BUT YOU SHOULD TRY READING! Your mind won’t develop. You’re imagination will be forever hindered,” Darrell’s voice reached them.

“Says a kid like you!” Harry replied.

“I’m not a kid. Mentally I am much, much older than you.”

Harry quirked a brow, “Yeah, right. That’s why you like a cartoon character better than me.”

Darrell nodded, “His ego is certainly not as bloated as yours! But leave that. You could at least read an Enid Blyton?”


“I wonder,” Darrell said thoughtfully, “have you even read Goldilocks, Beauty and The Beast and all that?”

Liam looked at Victoria and they smiled at their friends’ conversation. The conversation, however, was met with a stop as Louis burst into the living room shouting, “Found it!! I won!!” In his hand, Louis held a familiar looking sketchbook.

“Oh my God! Louis, you’re amazing,” Victoria cried, reaching out for her beloved sketchbook that held her designs for tomorrow’s interview at Dior’s. “How did you find it?”

Louis cleared his throat and straightened himself to his full height, “Ah, Watson, you don’t know the powers of the great Tomlinson. It was among the magazines outside our store room. Yeah, yeah, thank your saviour.”

Victoria hugged Louis. Behind them a scarlet Liam watched the duo.

After a quick dinner (during which the boys saw Victoria’s designs), the girls decided to leave.

“Bye, guys! Sorry for troubling you all,” Victoria smiled.

Darrell nodded, “Yeah, bye-bye.”

Outside it had rained, a fact which was evident as soon as Niall opened the front door for the girls.

“Oh no! I hope my bike’s fine. I just  got him repaired,” Darrell groaned.

“Bike?” Niall stated in a sheepish voice, looking at Zayn.

Zayn gulped, “A black and yellow one?”

“Yes,” Darrell said, “you saw him? Isn’t he cool?”

“You call your bike ‘he’?” Harry asked, laughing.

Darrell chose to ignore him while the rest of them with the strange exception of Niall and Zayn laughed. Darrell tried holding back her smile and strode towards where she had parked her bike, “Its not here! Victoria! My bike’s gone!”

“What? How’s that possible?”

Victoria came towards her with the rest of the boys.

“Umm,” Niall started. “I think I-we-Zayn and I- know what happened to it.”

Everybody turned to stare at him, that is, everybody except Zayn, who in turn, seemed to find the road suddenly very interesting, choosing to look at it rather than face the girls.

“What?” the girls echoed.

Niall turned red, “I think Zayn should tell you.”

Zayn swallowed, “Umm, when we came back from the restaurant we saw it standing at our gate. So, we thought maybe we should give it a try, since the key was in the ignition and everything. I sat in the front while Niall sat behind but somehow it met with an accident.”

Zayn finished with a sheepish grin.

Darrell stared at him as if stunned. Victoria on the other hand found the tale quite funny. So did Louis and Harry, who were rolling on the road with laughter, teasing Zayn for his driving skills. Liam looked horrified at his friends while the culprits looked at Darrell, ready to dodge any and all punches if needed. But it looked as if Darrell was quite, quite shocked since she just muttered a faint, “Where’s he?”

Niall pointed across the road where a black misshapen mass was visible. “It had a misunderstanding with a lamp post.”

Victoria laughed, “Well, that’s the second time in a week! Your bike’s breaking records all over the world.”

“I don’t know whether to laugh or to cry,” Darrell finally managed.

“I’ll get it and put it in the garage. Tomorrow we can get it repaired,” Liam sympathetically stated.

“You’d better get it repaired!” Darrell shouted at Zayn, who flinched at the red-head and then began to laugh.

“C’mon, Darrell, loosen up. You have to admit its funny. In fact, it’s the exact same outcome the bike was going to meet under your driving,” Victoria nudged her best friend.

With a crash of thunder, it started to rain. Darrell looked up, “Perfect,” she groaned.

After running inside to take shelter, Harry suggested, “Seeing the current situation, why don’t you two just stay the night? Morning, I could drive you back.”

Louis snickered, “He just got his driver’s licence. Doesn’t miss a chance to drive.”

As usual everybody ignored Louis. Liam nodded, “Yeah, you could do that.”

Victoria looked up to see Liam staring at her intensely and opened her mouth to agree when-

“No, no and no,” Darrell shook her head. “We’ll catch a cab and go home right now.”

“Why?” Victoria asked with big round eyes.

“Don’t give me that look,” Darrell tried to be firm.

Victoria looked at the guys, “We’ll stay.”

“No,” Darrell narrowed her eyes.



“Excuse me, guys, we need to talk,” Victoria took Darrell by the arm into the kitchen from where the guys could hear the two of them murmuring.

“What do you think they are talking??” Niall asked.

“We could just-you know-eavesdrop…” Louis suggested, with a sweet, innocent look.

With lightning speed the five boys crowded at the kitchen door. The reached just in time to hear Victoria say, “……stop being such a sour puss. Darrell, tell me why are you not wanting to stay? Its not as if 1D are a bunch of dangerous fellows.”

“I know,” Darrell made a face, “its just that…I can’t sleep at a new place!”

Victoria stared at her, “Is that it? God, you usually don’t sleep much even at your place. Making such a fuss! We won’t be able to find a cab in this weather and even if we do if wouldn’t be safe since its already past eleven.”

Darrell brightened, “I hadn’t that of that. Of course we should stay!”

Victoria opened the door to reveal the five boys standing there intently.

“So much for privacy,” Victoria smiled.

“It’s not what you are thinking,” Harry tried to cover up their eavesdropping.

Darrell patted his curly locks, “Its ok, curly.”

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