Fate Loves Me

Darrel Darcy and Victoria Raymond were huge 1D fans. Victoria even went to a signing where she actually met them and by mistake committed this small, teensy-weensy, her future CAREER-DESTROYING mistake. So, Darrel and Victoria try to amend it before it’s too late. Want to know what do they do? Not much. Just force their way into 1D’s house, nearly destroy one of their rooms and fall in love (with the emphasis on fall). However, will they come to know of a secret? And will it destroy more than one happiness....?


3. Are They Gonna Rocket-throw Us To The Police?

Chapter 3

Darrell rang the doorbell and looked sideways at Victoria with a questioning expression.

Victoria took a huge breath and smiled, “At least do your hair, Darrell. You are looking like a scarecrow.” She took out her mirror and showed it to Darrell while agonised voices could be heard from inside the house.

Darrell scoffed, “Nah, I’m too lazy.”

Before Victoria could reply, the girls heard someone screaming, “No, Louis, don’t open the door. We are not done yet. Nooo.”

The door opened and there stood a brown haired boy with a cheeky grin who said, “Hello, ladies. Welcome to our humble abode.”

He grinned at the two boys behind him. Two boys, who seemed in the process of running off with bundles, gave the caught-in-the-act look. Both of them gave uneasy laughs and threw their stuff into a convenient cupboard.

It didn’t take a second for the girls to realise that the boys were cleaning their house and it wasn’t the spring-cleaning type either. It was clean the mess as quickly as possible. Unexpected Guest Alert! The girls shared a knowing smile.

“Ah,” spoke a wavy-haired boy in tees and trousers, “why don’t you sit down and we can discuss the ummm negotiations?”

Victoria nearly fainted. Liam just spoke to them!

The other boy, curly haired, wearing a jacket and knee-length baggy shorts, took one of the unoccupied chairs and looked on with full attention. Nobody spoke for some time. The silence was so awkward that it was funny. Darrell somehow managed the uncontrollable urge to laugh.

“Please. Just tell us what you want in exchange for not bad-mouthing about us. See, we have worked really very hard to reach where we are today and any such rumour would really make a big hit on our reputation,” Liam’s eyes were full of concern and seriousness. Victoria suddenly started feeling really bad about what they had done. That nervous gnawing followed by subsequent feeling of guilt was enough to make her nudge Darrell. Darrell got the message. They were going to come clean but the problem was you can’t exactly tell the #1 Boy Band that ‘Oh we are sorry. We were just joking about the spread-the-rumour part to get our project back. No hard feelings.’ Right, one can’t actually say that.

As Liam continued, Darrell mouthed, “You tell them.”

Victoria mouthed, “What me? No you tell them.”

“….we are willing to do whatever you two want. Just leave us alo-”

“No, Jimmy protested,” Louis interrupted Liam, seriously.

Everybody looked at Louis in amazement and surprise. Louis grinned, “What!? I thought that was funny.”

“A little serious here,” Liam said with a gentle smile tugging at his lips.

“NO!” the three lads turned towards Victoria, questioningly. Victoria opened her mouth and stared at the stares. Taking a huge breath she said, “Uh, Darrell wants to say something.”

Darrell gave her a disbelieving glare.

“What!? It was your idea!” Victoria pointed out.

“Ok,” it was now Darrell’s turn to take a huge breath, “look, guys, we are not some money-wanting bitches. We never ever want to damage your band.” *collective gasp from the boys* “See, what happened was this morning Victoria here went to your signing with two sketchbooks. One was this huge sketchbook filled with message from most of her friends, including me,” Darrell smiled hugely.

“And the other one was my designing sketchbook which I need to submit tomorrow if I want to have a shot at Dior’s new assistant designer job,” Victoria took it up, with a worried look. “The only way to get it back was to get it back from you guys. Believe me it was a last resort.”

Again the horrible silence, rather like a noose closing around your neck until….

“Oh My God! I knew I hadn’t done anything wrong,” Harry jumped up and pointed accusingly at the two girls. Darrell and Victoria looked at him, knowing that his next actions were going to be call the bodyguards and boot them out. But Harry surprised them. He sat down and heaved a sigh of relief, “Oh, you don’t know how happy I am to know I am clear.”

“Told you there was nothing to be worried about,” winked Louis. “Can we get back to our game now?” He pointed at the pack of ‘Uno’ hidden underneath the table, along with a piece of half-eaten, leftover pizza and lots of empty Snickers and Mars Bars wrappers.

“You are…not gonna rocket-throw us to the police or slap a lawsuit on us or something?” Victoria asked, incredulous.

 “No,” said Liam, getting up. “C’mon, we have to look for your precious folder!”

Victoria had a vision of violins playing in the background with her gliding towards Liam to say thank you. In reality Darrell was faster. She gave a friendly punch to Liam, “Really? You are amazing.”

“Nah,” Victoria smirked, “he’s…..brilliam!”

Liam stuck his tongue out at Harry and Louis, “Told ya, I had more fans than you two.”

“You wish, Liam,” said Darrell and Harry simultaneously. They grinned at each other.

“Hey, we are home!” the front door opened to reveal Zayn and Niall, slightly wet and muddy.

“You people cleaned the house?” Niall’s tone reflected the surprise etched on his face. Zayn only looked slightly amused. “How?” Niall asked.

“For that tone, next time I see a pigeon I’ll show it your way,” Louis said in a deadly voice. The guys laughed. Probably this was quite a joke among them.

“Niall, here is scared of pigeons ever since a pigeon attack-” Liam started to explain.

“Change the topic!” Niall said, his blue eyes laughing.

“And who are these beautiful ladies?” Zayn asked casually.

Victoria turned to Darrell with a dazed expression, “Did I just hear what I think I heard?”

Darrell managed an, “EEp, its Zayn!!”

“Ok, ok,” Louis said in a hurt tone, “now I am starting to have an inferiority complex.”

“Aww,” Harry patted Louis’s back consolingly as Louis dissolved into false sobs. “Never mind, Louis. You have me!”

Victoria’s flickered to the wall clock and even though it happened in a split second, Liam was quick to notice, “Well, these are Niall and Zayn and these are….”

“Victoria and Darrell,” quipped Victoria.

The girls shook hands with THE Niall Horan and THE Zayn Malik (A/N just imagine!). Niall looked at Victoria with a frown, “Hey, I know you…..you are the girl from the signing.”

Victoria was speechless. Suddenly Niall was the favourite. “You remembered!?”

“Of course, your tee said ‘I Love Niall’…..”

Liam frowned at the conversation, unconsciously. Why was Niall acting over friendly with Victoria?

He looked at Victoria laughing with Niall and Zayn and felt a twinge of something he had not felt from a long time ever since…. Liam shook his head at himself. What was he thinking!?

While Liam was pondering, Harry approached Darrell, “Hi, I don’t think we have been introduced properly. I am Harry.”

“Styles. Yes, I know,” Darrell stated the obvious.

Niall, who had by now understood the problem, clapped his hands calling attention, “Lads, we have a mission. Let’s find Victoria’s sketchbook. At the count of three. Three…..two….one….let’s go!”

Zayn showed the way into a huge, darkened room but the girls understood the magnitude of their mission when he switched on the lights. The room was crammed to the ceiling with fan gifts and guess what? From where they stood they could see hundreds of sketchbooks.

“That’s a little too much,” said Victoria with a groan.

“Yeah , our fans are the best in the world,” Zayn said, proudly.

“They spoil us,” Louis nodded, wiping a fake tear from his emotional face.  


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