Heyy I'm maggie cox I have been abused since I was 2 mom and dad went to jail when I was ten for doing it so I was sent to an orphanage and adopted my 1d.
I find a person at my school and start dating him but do I have feelings for Louis? Read to find out!!


9. Zach's house.

Zach's p.o.v.

I was waiting at my house for the others to arrive. My phone buzzed and I looked down to it. It was from Maggie.

From: Maggie, -hey Zach! I can't go to your house. Louis won't let me! But he said all if u can come over if you like!-

After I read it I replied, - okay I'll text the others. Be there in 5. -

After I sent it I texted all the others. I started heading to the address Maggie sent me. When I got there I saw the biggest house I've ever saw in my life. All of the others were already there. "Sup?!" I said asked them. "Waiting for u!" They all yelled at me. We all started laughing and went inside. "So what do y'all want to do?" Kyle asked. Niall I think jumps in the room and yelled "truth or dare!" We all burst out laughing. Harry, Liam, zayn, and Louis came running downstairs, yelling," I want to play!" We all got in one big circle. There were 17 of us. So we cleared space in the living room. I sat down next to Maggie and Louis. Niall was going to go first because he suggested it. He spins the bottle and it landed on Austin. Crap! I new he would do something bad to him. "Truth or dare?" He asked. "Dare! Duh!" Austin replied sassing him. "Umm.. I dare u to.. Play seven minute in heaven with... Ally!" He said "ooooooooh!" We all said. There was a closet behind us. They got In it and who knows what they were doing. All we heard were moans. "Your time is up!" Harry yelled. We heard rustling and they came out blushing. "Lol! Austin got crush!" I screamed in his face. He just rolls his eyes. "Okay now it is your turn Austin!" Maggie yelled. "Oh okay! Maggie, truth or dare?" He asked her. "Dare!" She screamed. "Okay I dare u to kiss Zach!"he yelled back at her. Oh crap I'm probably blushing like crap. I looked at Louis. He looked weird. Idk why tho. She started leaning in and I did the same. We kissed for what seemed like forever when Louis and Danny pulled is out if the kiss. We played for an hour and quit. We all started talking then Maggie brought up her birthday. "Guys I'm so happy! My b-day is in Saturday!" She said really excited. I didn't know that. I'm gonna do something really nice for her birthday. She was turning 18. "Where r u going to have the party?" Jackie asked. "Here. Duh!" She replied. Well that's in five days. "When r u going to send out invitations?" Drew asked. "Oh I'm just going to put up signs around the school. Anybody that want to come, can! It's gonna be 6:00 to whenever they decide to go home." She said. I just thought of something my Spanish teacher said today. "Maggie? Were out on a holiday for the rest off the week. For fall break." I told her. She looks really excited. "Louis? Can my friends all stay the week over? Plz!"he asked Louis. "Umm.... Yea! It's going to be fun with 12 teenagers in this house. Including harry." He said. We all texted our parents asking if we could stay over for the week. They all said yes but Haley's parents said no. I have met her parents before. They are really strict! She ha to go home. We all slept in Maggie's gigantic room. We all slept on the floor besides maggie and Katie. Maggie slept on her bed and Katie slept in the couch maggie had in her room. I went to sleep and I woke up to screaming. I saw maggie on her bed screaming and crying. All of the other guys were over her telling her it will be okay. I went over there while everybody else went back to sleep. "Are u okay?" I asked with a sleepy voice. "It was just a dream about my parents. Nothing to worry about." She said. Earlier today when we brought up her parents she changed the subject. I wondered what happened to them. I was walking to my to my spot on the floor when maggie said," can u sleep with me?" She asked a little awkwardly. "Umm.. Sure." I replied. I went back over to her bed and Laid down next to her. I got under the covers and wrapped my arm around her. She looked like she felt really comfortable. I laid there with her and fell asleep to all the snoring in the room.

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